Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hogg: "Boycott Fox News"

Seems like 17-year-old David Hogg wants a boycott of Fox News. He'd better get in line. There re so many liberal loons and anti-gun fools who already want a boycott of Fox News, it's hilarious when an uninformed CHILD follows suit; They hate Fox News because it tells the truth that the liberal media would rather you not know. It's a staple part of the liberal scam. They loved it in the "good old days" when they controlled the media and they could lie to you at will, and that's gone. So they want to get rid of the only representative of TRUTH in the media.

AIN'T HER FIRST RODEO: Everybody thinks Stormy Daniels is a "one-off." But she is NOT. She has a sordid history of sticking her porn star nose into politics. Several years ago, she formed an "exploratory committee" to run for the senate, against a Republican in Louisiana, even though the actually lived in Florida. That Republican was being slammed for his ("imaginary?") use of prostitutes, and it was thought, by the Dumocrat elites, that her candidacy, or even rumors of it, would call attention to their efforts to slander him. Now, in her effort to slander Trump, she says she "will consider a settlement." She WISHES. What she's after is yet another payday. In addition to what Dumocrats are paying her to accuse Trump. Settlement for WHAT?

IS GOV. MOONBEAM CRAZY? That's a question that's being asked as he does more and more ignorant things in his quest to defy the federal government. His "sanctuary state" thing is one thing, but attempting to "succeed from the union" is another. Doesn't he know we fought a bloody war the last time that was attempted? And those who wanted to succeed FAILED. Does he really think he will get away with it? There are already many federal troops STATIONED in his state, who could easily march on his Sacramento office and arrest him for treason. Seems like he's got a "death wish."

SCHUMER SUING TRUMP: Get in line, Schumer. He's incensed that Trump could use a "loophole" created by Congress to start funding his wall, and he's MAD! He really thinks this suit will "bear fruit" for him, as his previous suits have NOT. Schumer ought to realize that he and his party are now in the MINORITY, and Trump and HIS party are now running things on DC. The "Trump hatred" the Dumocrats have fostered, and worked HARD to promote isn't working. And Schumer can't (or won't) figure out why. The "why" is that Trump has the support of the REAL people in this country. And they will not be swayed by the Dumocrat dirty tricks--such as the Stormy Daniels unsupported accusations.

THE "CITIZENSHIP QUESTION": Liberals are outraged that Trump would actually ask people the question, "Are you a citizen?" in the 2020 Census. They say that could deter them from "participating" in the Census. So what? The census is used to decide how many reps in the House, how many delegates each state has in the Electoral College, how to divide up the money and how many VOTERS there are. Why should ANY of that be affected by people who are NOT citizens? Dumocrats are counting on the ILLEGAL votes of ILLEGAL aliens to put them over the top in their drive to gain back the majority so they can continue to fleece the people.

NRA TOP FUNDRAISER: David Hogg is the top NRA fundraiser this year. Every time he opens his mouth and raises his fist, he sparks thousands more new NRA members and gun buyers. You'll never convince him of this, because he's only listening to the anti-gun fools who are financing and organizing all his "speaking engagements." He's "basking" in the short-lived fame he is experiencing today, but he's doing real damage to the anti-gun fools--and they're not smart enough to realize it, either. He's "taking over" from Barack Obama, the former top NRA fundraiser.

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