Monday, April 9, 2018

The Second Scares Democrats

Why else would they be working so hard to eliminate our right to be armed for self defense? They want us to be DISARMED, as were the residents of Nazi Germany, Russia, and Cuba, so the government can do with us as they wish, as they did in those places, without fear of being shot by the law-abiding. Now the Louisiana Dumocrat Chairwoman comes out with a four-word Tweet, saying, "Repeal the Second Amendment." Which reveals the REAL intention of the Dumocrats, which they deny, while working HARD to do just that. They will probably tell her to shut up, because they don't want us to know their real intentions.

PUTIN WEARING A CROSS: I just saw another of those ubiquitous photos of Vladmir Putrid--er, uh, Putin, with his shirt off. Prominent on his naked chest was a Christian cross. The symbol of a religion that communists denigrate, in every way. To see him wearing that symbol is a JOKE. Because, no matter how hard he may deny it, he is, and has always been, a communist, with the blood of many on his hands. Killing people is a "right of passage" for communists of his stature. And I'm sure he doesn't shrink from his "duty."

ONLY ON BATTLEFIELDS: Some anti-gun fools say guns like AR-15s "only belong on a battlefield." That IGNORES the fact that the streets today, in most cities, ARE a battlefield, and the participants HAVE AR-15s and other guns like them. They are all available on the black market, and the cops--AND some private citizens must have them too, in order to have "parity" with the "bad guys." The anti-gun fools are ignorant enough to think the bad guys don't get such guns, and so others should not have them. But to defend against an AR-15, another AR-15 is needed. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is, at least for people who are intelligent enough to recognize reality.

WISHFUL THINKING: Russia says it has a new missile, capable of reaching any target in the face of the Earth, and that America has no "missile defense" capable of stopping it. That's as much of a joke as seeing Putrid--er, Putin wearing a Christian cross on his naked chest. If Russia actally DID have such a missile, he would want to keep it a closely-held secret, rather than announce it to the world. He wants us to believe he DOES have such a missile so we won't ever attack him, or defend against his attacks. Truth is, his administration is barely holding on, and is nearly broke. They could never AFFORD to finance the development of such a missile. He's following in the footsteps of Kim Jong Stupid in trying a major BLUFF.

IS THE POPE INFALLIBLE? Catholics believe the Pope is infallible on questions of religious beliefs. Is that true? Is there, anywhere, a man (or woman) who can't possibly be wrong? Why then, does the current Pope tell us there is no hell? The belief in hell is a cornerstone of many different Christian religions, including Catholicism. If he's right, many generations of Christians (not just Catholics) have been wrong. How do they accept that if the Pope can't be wrong? Get a new Pope? Change centuries of belief of the Pope's infallibility? Personally, I believe the current Pope has succumbed to senility and should be retired, before he single-hamdedly destroys not only Catholicism, but Christianity, as well.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Al Sharpton has taken it on himself to declare (falsely) that the Second Amendment doesn't apply to "assault weapons." Whatever they are. But it DOES, Al. It doesn't talk about what KIND of guns it covers, it covers SELF DEFENSE, whatever guns are involved. The word "arms" covers ALL kinds of arms.... One of the biggest cons government works on you, the citizen, is when they tell you that Social Security covers 80% of your medical costs. It does NOT. It routinely cuts the bill in HALF, and only THEN covers 80% of THAT. In reality, it only covers 40% of the bill, while providers DOUBLE their fees to compensate.... Maggie Tolouse Oliver, Dumocrat from New Mexico, thinks voters are too stupid to fill out a simple ballot, and wants them to be able to simply vote a "straight ticket." This is how most Dumocrats view voters, and how most Dumocrat voters ARE. They vote Dumocrat, don't they?....

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