Friday, April 13, 2018

Oh, But There Is!

The American Medical Association says there's "no medical reason" why transgenders cannot serve in the military. But there IS a very good medical reason why transgenders should not serve in the military. It is this simple fact. Transgenders want SURGERY to make them into females, and the military would be stuck with paying for it. UNLESS the military makes rules that specifically BAR paying for such surgery, and liberals would scream bloody murder if they did. Then there's the factor of the mental aberration that comes from them WANTING to be women. There's a definite mental disability there, whether liberals recognize it, or not.

TED KENNEDY'S A KILLER: He MURDERED one of his sexual partners when she became pregnant. and his family, aided by the local cops, covered it up nicely. At least, to the extent that Kennedy didn't get ANY real punishment for his crime. They PRETENDED it was a simple accident, even though Kennedy just went home, took a shower, and went to bed, waiting 9 HOURS to report "the accident." If he had reported it immediately, they might have been able to save that girl. They CLAIM they punished him. They took away his driver's license for six months--which bothered him not a bit, since usually he has people to drive him around, while they're performing their "armed security" for him as he works to deprive other people of the same right.

WHAT'RE THEY AFRAID OF? Atheists don't believe in God. Okay. Nobody's forcing them to believe in God, so why are they so bent on forcing "believers" to abandon their beliefs? Atheists have seized on the "separation of church and state" thing to insist on ANY VESTIGE of religion to be kept far away from our schools, since it is an outgrowth of the state. Which is WRONG. Separation of church and state is NOT in the Constitution. It was only MENTIONED in a letter between two of the Founders. In any case, it only talks about FORCING religion on people, not keeping it HIDDEN from them. he only mention in the Constitution is to prohibit ANY LAW that forces ANY religion upon us. NOT the elimination of ANY religion from any government installation.

CAR DRIVES INTO CROWD: In MΓΌenster, Germany, a fool drove his van into a crowd of people, killing several, and injuring more. WE NEED TO BAN CARS! At least, we do, if we use the same muddled thinking gun-grabbers use. They seem to think that if some fool MISUSES a gun, we need to ban guns from the face of the Earth. Except for those in the hands of criminals and other "bad guys" who don't bother to obey laws, of course. I'll be surprised if the gun-grabbers don't seize upon THIS occurrence to whine and cry about banning GUNS! That's the way they think. If ANYTHING happens, using ANYTHING, ban guns! They can't think of anything to REALLY solve the problem, so they seize upon the simplest thing. They're too STUPID to think of anything else.

THEY CAN'T KEEP HIM DOWN: In spite of the almost 100% negative coverage of Donald Trump and his presidency in the liberal media, his "approval rating" among REAL human beings is still rising, and exceeds that of former president Obama art this point in his presidency. The Rasmussen Poll--the only one that regularly keeps track of presidential approval, now has Trump at 51%. And it is still rising. And that infuriates liberals and their dupes. It's all part of the "Trump Derangement " idiocy.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Meathead" (Rob Reiner) says, Roseanne's "reboot" is "A Trump megaphone for the lunatic fringe." Actually that accurately describes Meathead, and his liberal friends in Hollywood.... Kids do the stupidest things: the most recent is "snorting" a condom up their noses and pulling it out through the back of their throat. That's AFTER they started eating Tide Pods. And people want to reduce the voting age to 16. I guess they think the stupider they are, the easier they are to fool.... Liberals have all sorts of scams working to make us think everybody's a victim. Two of the current ones are "white privilege" and "Christian privilege," to make us thing that, somehow, white people AND Christians are involved in a scheme to make them better than others. It's all in their fertile imagination, folks....

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