Tuesday, April 3, 2018

"It's Not Hurting Trump!"

Dumocrats are dismayed that the "Stormy Daniels story" is not hurting Trump as much as they had hoped it would. They were hoping this would "finally take him down," but it hasn't seemed to have made a ripple in his support, and that makes them very angry. They completely forget their words when Dumocrat Bill Clinton got oral sex IN the Oval Office after RAPING several women. They think those words have no effect on today's politics. They're wrong. We remember, and we dismiss such things as a CONSENSUAL relationship lasting ONE NIGHT, 12 years ago! Nobody's perfect, especially where sex is concerned. I'd be AFRAID to "dip my wick" in that honeypot, considering her background. But that's me.

WILL ROSEANNE LAST? They've revived the "Roseanne Show," and they didn't know that she was a staunch Trump supporter. They may have thought to make liars out of those who objected to them canceling another show because of the conservative leanings of it's star, but it won't work. Liberals will not forgive them for starting ANY show that isn't a "Trump-hating" show, and liberals RULE in Hollywood, and in television. So I wonder just how long the new "Roseanne Show" will last, before they succumb to the liberal pressure and cancel the show.

KIM GETS HIS ORDERS: Trump has been applying hard pressure on the Chinese to "get control" of Kim Jong Stupid so he'll quit pestering the United States and threatening nuclear war. So China told him to come to China to get his orders--and he did. Secretly, because he knows how much his people hate him, and he was afraid to let them know he would be out of the country, lest they overthrow him in his absence. So he got on his "special train" and followed orders, and got more orders. China says their talks were "productive," which means he should follow his orders and come to an agreement with Trump. We shall see.

WHAT'S STORMY'S PURPOSE? Does she want to bring Trump down? What was that mythical non-disclosure agreement about? A CONSENSUAL relationship that lasted one night? If it ever happened, that is. What does she SAY she's after? If it's true she got paid $130,000.00, for something, she's already been paid, and she has violated that mythical "agreement" in many ways, already. I think she just wants to be noticed, and regain some of that "fame" she got by screwing a lot of people in front of the cameras. AND that she's being PAID by Dumocrats to make as much trouble as she can. I think the fact that Trump didn't sign it, says a lot.

I'M VERY CONSERVATIVE: At least, that's what Facebook thinks, and has applied that label to me, without asking me a damned thing about it. Actually, I'm a "rational individualist," who wishes to retain the right to make my own decisions, and not cede that right to others. If that makes me very conservative, so be it. But I'm not. There are things about conservatism with which I disagree. To Facebook, and other liberals, there are only TWO kinds of people: liberals, or conservatives. To them, there is nothing else. And if they don't like what you think, they label you as a "right-wing extremist," which is what very conservative really means. I reject that ignorance, in my own opinion, to which I DEMAND my right. Truth is, I don't give much of a damn what Facebook thinks about me. I have an account. I once in a while answer someone else's post. That's it. I don't tell strangers what I had for dinner.

WHY NOT A MURDERER PRINCESS? Planned Parenthood is pushing for a "princess" who has had an abortion. They're really getting cocky and brazen. Maybe we ought to have a princess who has gotten away with MURDER, too. That's what one who has had an abortion is. Politicians just can't get it through their thick skulls that abortion is MURDER! It KILLS an unborn infant. It is INFANTICIDE! It should be OUTLAWED, and never mind that CRAP about "back alley abortions." There will always be murders, too. But we don't legalize murder. At least not among people who have been born--yet. Although there are some who think if a baby survives an abortion attempt, it's okay to kill it, anyway.

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