Friday, April 6, 2018

"Poorly Written Second Amendment"

That's what Larry King thinks, anyway. I guess it's not written in sufficient "legalese" to suit him. I disagree. It is short, and to the point. And it means exactly what it says. They wanted the people to remain armed, for their own defense, and the defense of the nation if called upon, and bring their own guns, since the government didn't have the $trillions it has conned us out of, today. It was also to make it harder for out of control government agents to victimize citizens.

SORRY FOLKS: Yesterday my computer had a "hissy fit." It wouldn't let me load ANYTHING,.not even my word processor. I couldn't even get to the "Start Menu" for a proper shutdown, until late in the evening. When I turned it on this morning it was operating normally. I guess all it needed was a clean reboot. Back to business as usual (I hope).

TEACHER CHEATING: Word is, teachers ASSIGNED students to write letters to Congress ONLY in favor of gun control, and if they didn't write to the teacher's satisfaction, they would get a failing grade. If they wrote in OPPOSITION to gun control, they would fail. And these letters were passed off as the OPINIONS of those children in the liberals' attempt to destroy the Second Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. One cop found out what his child was FORCED to write, and called them on it. When the cop told the teacher his son would not be doing this assignment, the teacher said, "Okay." That the child would not be disciplined for not doing it. I guess, they hoped to minimize the outcry. They still had all those other letters to send to Congress.

FEELIN' HIS OATS: David Hogg, that 17-year-old big mouth who is so ubiquitous in the news lately, supporting those USELESS, INEFFECTIVE "gun laws" that don't work worth a damn, got into a spat with Laura Ingraham when she criticized him. She was gracious enough to apologize for her remarks, and that "empowered" him (he thought). He figured if he could get an apology from her, he could carry it further and is now demanding she "denounce Fox News" as the price for his "forgiveness." Fat chance. She's "knuckled under" enough to this damned fool. If she does, her career is OVER.

TOO BIG FOR HIS BRITCHES: David Hogg is getting "too big for his britches." He reacted to Laura Ingraham's comments, and she apologized, thinking MAYBE she got some things wrong. Then he announced that he would not accept her apology unless she denounced Fox News, which isn't going to happen. People like Laura don't "take orders" from teenagers, no matter how many liberals have him in their back pockets. He's now going after Sen. John McCain, asking him, "How much money have you taken from the NRA?" His IGNORANCE is showing. A teenager doesn't get to question a United States Senator. His butt isn't big enough. He's just an ignorant, arrogant KID with a big mouth.

PRISON IN HILLARY'S FUTURE? The FBI, now under the control of President Trump, seems to finally be more responsive to the "investigations" into Hillary's "e-mail scandal." The FBI has been "slow-walking" (as bureaucrats do best) production of documents demanded by Congress, and new director Wray has DOUBLED the number of agents working to find the right documents to give them. Apparently, they didn't work very hard to figure it out while Obama and his denizens were in power because they all figured Hillary would soon be president. That didn't work out very well, and there's a "new sheriff in town" who really does want to get to the bottom of it.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Anything to stop criticism. One Dumocrat now says criticizing Nancy Peelosi is sexist. How stupid.... And now Dumocrats say it's racist to call Maxine Waters "dumb." Not hardly. She's stupid whatever her skin color.... Hillary comments on the possibility of Ivanka running for president: "We don't need any more inexperienced Trumps in the White House." What about "inexperienced Clintons," Hillary? Being a failed secretary of state and the wife of a corrupt president doesn't count as experience.... Some Dumocrat dupes have started a "Go Fund Me" page for millionaire ex-deputy FBI director McCabe, who was fired for cause by the FBI, not President Trump. Anything for a headline.... If that's all they got, they're in deep doo-doo. Dumocrats think of "Ol Joe" Biden as their "front runner" for the next presidential election. Good. Trump will make mincemeat out of him as he did out of Hillary, their last "shoo-in" presidential candidate....

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