Monday, April 16, 2018

It's Obama, Stupid!

People are wondering why airplanes and helicopters are going down, killing so many soldiers, why ships are running into each other at sea, and why military trucks break down with such regularity. The answer is simple, which is why it escapes so many. It is the Obama campaign to DEFUND the military. As their financing ebbed, the military was not able to buy parts with which to repair their equipment, and thus, there were many squadrons with only a few aircraft able to fly because of that lack of parts--and the ones they did try to fly failed, for the same reason, killing people and costing us millions of dollars. Trucks and cars and electronic equipment broke down, and some parts failures caused deadly crashes. Ships at sea crashed into each other due to parts failure and lack of proper training for their officers.

FIXING GLOBAL WARMING: A Minnesota store is saying that, "In only two years, Trump solved global warming." Liberals, of course, are infuriated--as they usually are when somebody does something to illustrate their stupidity. Yes, Trump did "solve global warming." By recognizing the FACT that it is a scam--a scam that has made millions for its most verbal promoter, Al Gore, and lots of others who tout it, including Barack Hussein Obama, and refusing to do likewise. Many individuals, and politicians, have adopted this scam as a way of gaining more power, influence, and MONEY, in spite of the fact that the world has NOT been "warming" for almost 20 years. So they had to change the name of their swindle to "climate change" so they could attribute ANY climate abnormality, anywhere, to it.

OF COURSE, DEMOCRATS: A "coalition" of 64 Dumocrats sent a letter to President Trump to fire EPA Director Pruitt, citing "unethical behavior," "wasteful use of taxpayer money." and many other things they seem to be doing themselves, but resent when conservatives do them. And of course, it is Dumocrats who are complaining, since they are the ones who ARE "the swamp," and thus are Trump's targets while he "cleans up the swamp." Of course, they're fighting back. Every time Trump does away with another of their misguided and expensive regulations, they scream and whine like stuck pigs.

SUCH ARROGANCE, SO YOUNG! David Hogg's sister thinks young people are more wise than older people, which only shows the arrogance of youth. There is NOBODY at age 17 who is wiser than an older person. Experience "Trumps" youth and arrogance. If you've been there long enough to have seen it happen before, you're not surprised to see it happen again. Kids only THINK they're smarter than those who have been around long enough to have gained EXPERIENCE, something a boy of 17 just does not have. At age 17 I thought I knew it all, too. I did NOT. At my current age of 80, I can see all the things I wasn't able to see at 17.

CRIMINALS PROTECTED BY BORDERS: The latest chemical weapons attack in Syria again shows how criminals like Bashir al Assad commit their crimes unopposed, hiding behind their "sovereignty." Fidel Castro did it, murdering thousands, maybe millions of his "citizens" since taking over the country. Lenin, followed by Stalin, did it in Russia for 75 years, enslaving and murdering millions of HIS citizens. Other countries leave them alone, for the most part, "recognizing," and "respecting," their right to do so because they are a "sovereign nation." I'm not necessarily in favor of "random regime change," but I do believe that bloody murderers should not be allowed ro run "rough shod" over people with impunity.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They say there's a "great similarity" between today's "Progressive socialist left," and "Islamo Fascists." They're WRONG. It's not "a similarity," they're THE SAME THING.... Michele Obama seems to think being president is the equivalent of being a "parent" to America. What a Lordly arrogance she has. I got a clue for ya, Michelle, you ain't no kinda parent to America, you're not smart enough. And we're well rid of both of you arrogant fools.... Scott Pruitt is getting a lot of flack. That must mean he's "over the target." The "swamp" doesn't like their regulations being taken away from them so they're whining, jumping up and down, and screaming, trying to get rid of him.... A NYT contributor is complaining that the new movie, "Chappaquiddick," is "being mean to Ted Kennedy." Really? so what? It's time somebody was mean to this murderer....

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