Friday, July 4, 2014

You Don't Need to Kill It

When you have unprotected sex and she gets pregnant, you don’t need to KILL the result. Liberals like to make a “big thing” out of the fact Cory Gardner wants to make abortion (murder) a FELONY (like other murders) “including rape and incest.” But why should we punish the infant for the foolishness of his parents? Why KILL the child? Put it up for adoption. Childbirth is no harder on the body than abortion and that doesn’t commit murder. And if you don’t realize abortion IS murder, I feel sorry for you. You’ve been thoroughly brainwashed by liberals.

CAUGHT! IRS Commissioner Koskinen (you know, that “super smug” bureaucrat who doesn’t seem to think Congress has the right to question him, and it shows in his arrogant face) LIED to Congress when he said categorically that Lois Lerner KEPT her e-mail records, while she and her attorney DISPUTE that, saying that she didn’t know it was her job to do so, and she didn't. ONE of them is lying, and I personally think it is “Mister Smug.” It’s not at all unusual for a bureaucrat not to know everything he/she is supposed to do out of all those confusing regs. If, as Obama insists, this is a “phony scandal,” why can’t they get their stories straight?

OUR “FOREIGN OIL ADDICTION:” It irritates me every time I hear about our “addiction” to foreign oil. That description is INSULTING. Yes, we USE a lot of foreign oil because it is a NECESSARY thing to keep machinery running. It’s NOT “an addiction,” it’s a NECESSITY, forced on us by ignorant politicians who deny us the right to use the oil sources within our own borders for some silly “addiction” they have to environmentalism. The whole thing is CAUSED by ignorant, incompetent politicians.

DIDYA SEE IT IN THE MEDIA? Way back in December (or before) A JUDGE DECLARED Onbama’s Social Security number to be a fraud. Has anything been done about it? Nope. Did you read about it in the liberal media? Nope, again. And as long as Obama controls the means of prosecutions for such crimes, and he controls the liberal media, you won’t. He has committed many crimes worthy of impeachment, but you won’t see any action on that, anyway. ONE congressman filed “articles of impeachment” on him, but it didn’t go anywhere—and I’ll BET that congressman has suffered, whatever party he is in.

THEY SENT ELIAN BACK: The American government made a SWAT Team raid to capture Elian Gonzales and send him back to that Island Prison called Cuba, run by that communist dictator, Fidel Castro. But now they think they CAN’T send back any of the HORDES of kids SENT here by their parents, with their passage paid for by people who want to screw up our border control. It’s a scam hatched by evil people in South America to WIN the “war on illegal aliens,” and Obama’s administration has fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker. Damn, what a STUPID government we have, now!

“THE KIDS CAN’T STAY”: Obama said that way back when he was running for president. But he also said, “If you like your doctor you can keep him.” It seems both statements are LIES. Seems like Obama is physically and mentally INCAPABLE of telling the truth, about ANYTHING, unless by accident. I’ve seen many politicians LIE, but not as often or as brazen as Obama. At least, we now know how to find out the truth. Just listen to what he says, then figure the truth is just the opposite.

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