Monday, July 28, 2014

Beretta Moves To Kentucky

Yet another gun maker moves out of a state that has made it impossible for them to do business, taking along the 300 jobs they are responsible for. New York FORMER Mayor Bloomberg says, “Profit is not important to building a business. Hiring people and paying taxes is.” But if a company does NOT make a profit, they will not only NOT be able to hire people, they will have to fire those they have. Bloomberg is a billionaire, and SHOULD know how important profit is. But either he doesn’t, or he doesn’t want any competition to his own profit-making efforts.

I ALREADY KNOW: Obama says he mostly learns about his scandals from the news media. “The same place you learn it.” Then he says he doesn’t even WATCH the news, since what they report he already knows. Which is it? Does he learn things from the news, or does he already know what they’re reporting. That’s the trouble with lying all the time. You forget which lies you told before and tell new lies that say just the opposite. In Obama’s case, he depends on YOUR memory to forget the lies he told before.

WHAT DOES HAMAS HAVE AGAINST ISRAEL? Nobody knows. The “root causes” of their animus is lost in the mists of history. But I think it is because of Israel’s RESPONSE one time to attacks by the Palestinian terrorists, hundreds, even THOUSANDS of years ago. The CRUSADES were such a response. Muslims will deny that to their dying day (which I hope is soon). Why should we get into that fight, which has been going on since way before any of us were born?

KIDS DON’T KNOW EXCREMENT: They don’t. They haven’t been ALIVE long enough to know anything. So they “buy into” every crazy scheme the liberals come up with. Like the “Occupy" (fill in the blank) movement. My own grandson spouts liberal crap to me and I have to set him straight. I don’t know if he buys it or not, but probably not. I see people like a lady I used to work with having bumper stickers on her car, one touting “free speech,” and the other touting the “get rid of Fox News” campaign. She doesn’t know WHAT she wants, but she pushes it, while PRETENDING to know.

WHY NOT MEXICO? Obama is holding a conference including the presidents of three South American countries, but did not invite the president of MEXICO to that conference. Seems to me that the president of a country that shares a border with us ought to be included in such a meeting. That’s common sense. But I don’t expect common sense from Obama, who is INCOMPETENT to govern. All he’s good at is fund raising and getting elected. All the while moving us closer to collectivism (socialism).

USELESS POLITICKING: Sec. of State Kerry is offering “terms” to people who don’t WANT terms. Their ONLY GOAL is the elimination of Israel, and the DEATH of every Jew in the world. It’s in the HAMAS Charter, fergawd’sakes! The ONLY reason they have for TALKING is to gain time to get into a better position or to regroup and rearm. An intelligent man would know this. But there IS no intelligence in the liberal camp, as represented by Kerry AND Obama. Lesser representatives of liberal IGNORANCE in out government are Nancy Peelosi and Harry Reid. But every time they open their noise holes, they proclaim their ignorance.

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