Monday, July 7, 2014

Obama Doesn't Care

Texas Governor Rick Perry says that Obama doesn’t particularly care if our border is not secure. Perry is apparently good at pointing out the obvious. Obama has demonstrated his complete INDIFFERENCE to the border problems by his actions, most of which make it worse. He won’t even let his border people CALL them “illegal aliens,” which they ARE. They use “deadly force” against the border agents, but Obama won’t let the border agents use deadly force in answer to it. Obama is supremely INCOMPETENT to govern.

WHAT’S WRONG WITH OUR GOVERNMENT? It’s INCOMPETENT. There is no test of competence for people elected to high office, and most of the ones we have now, and have had in the past are INCOMPETENT. They have NO IDEA how to handle the nation’s problems but they pretend they do. They make policies that make the problems WORSE, but intelligent people can’t break through their stupid heads. Just one example is their idea about reducing gun violence. They’re all wrong, buy they never listen to the voices of reason.

RIOT TROOPS TO SUBDUE DEMONSTRATION: In Murietta, California, a town with only 18 high school students, They’re protesting the feds bringing in busloads of illegal alien children. They just can’t afford them. So they blocked the buses. Now Obama is sending in “federal officers” in riot gear to “subdue” them. Obama doesn’t care about the “immigration problem,” but he DOES care about people who oppose him on his “solutions.” He’s acting more and more like a dictator every day.

LATEST GLOBAL WARMING BS: The global warming fools are now saying that because of global warming, the ice caps are—GROWING! How they figure that is lost on intelligent people, but they insist, and they want us “non-believers” to just “go away.” They can’t answer our logical arguments, so some of them even want to IMPRISON people who “question their wisdom. ” They think it should be a FELONY to question them or their brainless thinking.

“PROOF OF RACISM”: The new Quinnepiac Poll says respondents rate Obama as the WORST president since World War II. Liberals call that PROOF that this is a racist nation.” They will just not admit that his POLICIES are stupid, whatever his color. I’m getting real tired of liberals calling us racist because we object to being made into a socialist nation by this incompetent president. They forget, he’s as much white as he is black. So which side of him do we hate? I think he’s the worst president EVER! Not just since WWII.

WHY DO PEOPLE HATE AMERICA? And why, if so many hate America, do they fight to come here to live? Why is America the destination of choice for people who want to better themselves? Why do many people hate the free market, which is the very reason this country has outstripped civilizations that have been in existence for THOUSANDS of years? Muslims come here so they can tear us down. The Koran says a Muslim can never befriend an unbeliever and this country is FULL of unbelievers. So why do they come here to live? To do everything they can to tear us down, of course.

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