Saturday, March 30, 2013

Why Are We Wasting Time?

There are many more important things in the world for us to pay attention to; so why are we spending so much time, energy, and MONEY on the question of gay marriage? Just give them everything they want EXCEPT the right to CALL their “unions” marriage. Oh, right; that won’t satisfy them. They want to redefine the WORD marriage.

WASSERMAN-SCHULTZ IS A FOOL! Democrat Party Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is a DAMN fool. She’s now telling us that because of the Sequester, her staffers are “starving.” Does she really believe that staffers, who make more than $100,000.0 a year, are STARVING because of a “pimple on the government’s butt” reduction in the growth of the government? How STUPID does she think we are? As stupid as SHE is?

OBAMA’S “RECOVERY” A “PIPE DREAM”: It isn’t happening, no matter how Obama twists the numbers to make it LOOK like it is. The fact remains he has spent more money than there IS and every policy decision he make is making it worse, The economy is TRYING mightily to improve, but it can’t. One very obvious policy is his refusal to allow American oil companies to drill for oil on “federal lands” or his refusal to allow the Canadian Pipeline to proceed. I could go on and name policy after policy that HINDERS economic growth, but I don’t want to bore you. Suffice it to say he’s KILLING us.

KIM JONG UN COMMITTING SUICIDE: He’s threatening America with a nuclear attack while reopening the Korean War while posturing to make himself look good to his subjects. He thinks BOTH his nuclear-tipped (maybe) missiles gives him superiority over American’s THOUSANDS of nuclear missiles. He’s too STUPID to comprehend that if he fires ONE missile in America’s direction, he and his country will cease to exist, except as radioactive rubble within hours of its launch. I feel sorry for his citizens, but that’s the facts.

BECK STILL MUST “TOE THE LINE”: Glenn Beck has been trying HARD to get his cable network on as many outlets as possible, but it seems he can’t, if he so much as MENTIONS such things as Obama’s birthplace and his RIGHT to be president. This explains why SURE PROOF that he is INELIGIBLE to be president has not become a “media sensation.” Media figures DON’T DARE mention it, on orders from those who RUN those media outlets because it is a CONDITION of their continuing to BE on cable. And the orders come directly from Obama.

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