Thursday, March 7, 2013

The KILLER President

Obama thinks he has the power to KILL anybody he doesn’t like, just by DECLARING them a terrorist. All WITHOUT a trial or conviction for any crime, and that he can do it IN the United States, on nothing more than HIS OPINION that this person is a terrorist. This sounds like “Don Corleone” saying, “I can put out a hit on anybody I want!”  And Obama's "consigliori", AG Holder, agrees. The very first person IN the United States he murders in that way should earn him a long prison sentence, or maybe even his own execution.

DRONES CAN DETECT GUNS: If Obama sends out a drone to kill somebody in the United States, that drone has the ability to see if you are carrying a gun, which allows him to see who is armed, and maybe KILL that person for nothing more than having a gun. Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think this country has (yet) made it a death penalty offense without trial to have a gun, legally or illegally. But you never know, with Obama’s penchant for slipping such things into “must pass” legislation without telling anybody. We’re just now finding out the infuriating things that are in his health care swindle law, which Nancy told us we “had to pass to find out what’s in it.”

DON’T DISAGREE WITH OBAMA: If you disagree with Obama in any way, he’ll call you a racist. That’s for sure. I’ve been called a racist so many times it doesn’t even bother me any more. But maybe he will also “put out a hit” on you and send a drone out to murder you. I once thought he would send out his thugs to “talk to me” because of what I say in my blogs. But now I scan the skies to make sure he hasn’t sent out a drone to “take me out.”

HUGO CHAVEZ WAS A THIEF: He decided what he wanted and he TOOK it. All in the name of “helping the poor.” But here’s a kicker: he DIDN’T “help the poor.” He KEPT what he stole. The poor stayed poor. He became “filthy rich.” When he died (good riddance to bad rubbish) he left an estate worth BILLIONS. How do you think he got that money? The office of president doesn’t pay that much. He STOLE it. And people in the United States lower their flags to honor this thief. What STUPID people live here!

“ANGER MANAGEMENT COURSES”: A Florida legislator (a Democrat, what else?) wants a law forcing people who buy BULLETS to attend an expensive and long-lasting course in “anger management” before they CAN buy bullets. A typical Democrat “solution” that does NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS, who do not OBEY laws, but increases the government's CONTROL over its people. This woman is an EMBARASSMENT.

PISSING AND VOMITING AS A DEFENSE: Sometimes it amazes me at the rank STUPIDITY of people in elected office. People who are SUPPOSED to be smarter than the rest of us, but who aren’t. Some of their suggestions are not only STUPID, but are insulting to our intelligence. One lawmaker suggested a woman being raped piss her pants or vomit to “discourage” the rapist. How stupid is THAT? I think that lawmaker (who is a woman) should be raped so she can "piss on" her rapist (but she's so ugly no self-respecting rapist would rape her).  And we (not me) keep electing these royally STUPID people (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, too) to office and suffering from their stupidity.

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