Thursday, June 7, 2018

Trey Gowdy's A Fool

I used to respect Trey Gowdy as the only man in DC (besides Trump), willing to go against "the swamp." But apparently, somebody has gotten to him, and convinced him that the SPY the FBI placed into the Trump campaign was "right and proper," and that Americans should "applaud" that action. He's missing the entire point. If they put an "informant" into Trump's campaign because of "suspected" Russian involvement in screwing up our elections, why the hell didn't they put one into the HILLARY campaign, for the same reason? It's a question that needs to be answered, but it will probably not be. Real questions never get answered in DC. They get "swept under the rug," along with the questions.

EMPHASIZING THE NEGATIVE: I think this cartoon (linked) is just in fun, since I know the cartoonist. I think he's just poking fun at today's efforts to paint everything Trump does in the negative. I think many workers in the unemployment office AND in the welfare offices will soon be unemployed. But the good thing is, they will find it easy to find other jobs, which was almost impossible under Obama, but not under Trump. the reality is, there is nothing anybody can do that is universally good. somebody will always suffer, Especially those who profit from the misfortune of others/

ELECTION CRAZINESS: It amazes me what some politicians think will get them elected. And it pains me to know that, often they're right. In Colorado, one politician is touting his "beating the NRA--twice." Another is proudly saying he "stopped Trump." As if that's something to be proud of. Another stands proudly with Obama, Bill Clinton, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg. There are way too many of them "standing tall" for gun control, which will do nothing but get people killed by disarming the law-abiding and making them "easy targets" for criminals, who IGNORE their laws. Another brags that he was "the only conservative to support Trump;s tax cuts." As if that made him a hero or something, for supporting something that benefited millions of people.

SUPREMES RULE FOR BAKER: A Christian baker refused to bake a cake for a gay wedding because of his religious beliefs. He is guaranteed that right under the Constitution. He can refuse to do business with ANYBODY, for any reason, or NO reason. And all those with whom he refuses to do business have to do is go down the street to another baker. But these two sued, hoping for a big payday. But the Supreme Court is no longer a liberal court, so they lost. That should be a message to others with similar plans.

"THEY'D IMPEACH HIM": Bill Clinton says there is a "double standard" in DC because the GOP hasn't moved to impeach Trump. That if he (Clinton) had been the one, "they'd have impeached." Fox News says there is no president on whom the press has been harder because "Trump declared war on the press." Myopia. What he "declared war on" is the corrupt people in DC and elsewhere he could reach. Part of that group are IN the media. They have hated him in a "knee-jerk" reaction since he declared his intention to run. Part of their problem is that they twist things to suit themselves.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Nobody ever heard about Stormy Daniels, except those who buy porn. Now she's a "headliner" at "men's clubs" all over the country, where she shows them what she's got, and has been using in movies for years with a small number of people watching. I guess if your "career" is failing, to become famous, you just need to insult Trump or somebody around him, Sometimes it backfires. Sometimes it doesn't... Stupid Peelosi says, "Strong employment numbers mean nothing." Which just proves her unalterable STUPIDITY when it comes to the economy, along with her stupidity in everything else. How that Gawdawful woman got to where she is, is beyond me, And how she keeps it, too. Especially after making so many STUPID statements....

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