Friday, June 1, 2018

Mueller Has No Integrity

If you listen to the DC pundits (liberals all), Robert Mueller is the epitome of integrity. If you look up integrity in the dictionary, his picture is next to the definition of the word. But he is absolutely NOT a "man of integrity." If he was, he would not have stretched out his "witch hunt" for more than a year, while ruining so many people with peripheral connections to Trump, and taking the "investigation" far afield while spending $millions of taxpayer dollars, in an attempt to find something, ANYTHING he can use to "bring Trump down." He would have shut down his "investigation" a long time ago when he found NO EVIDENCE of Trump collusion with the Russians in his election, which was the ostensible reason for the investigation.

"TRUMP CAN'T BEAT MICHELLE": That is what the Dumocrats think. And they recently added Oprah to that list of people they think can beat Trump in the next election. They're DERANGED if they think either of those women have a chance to even get CLOSE to Trump in an election. If this is the best they can come up with in the way of opposition for Trump. a second term is GUARANTEED. Another name being bandied about is "Ol' Joe" Biden, and he's not much better. They "passed over" him in 2016 because they thought he was too weak a candidate, compared to their "front-runner," Hillary. And she got her butt whipped, proper.

"BACKGROUND CHECKS REALLY WORK": Yeah, right! But they don't, if the bureaucrats running them are competent, and apparently, they are NOT. There is no telling how many times convicted felons have LIED while filling out their Form 4473, saying they had never been convicted of a felony, while the bureaucrats running things "phone it in," and pass him without verifying. That's what happened recently in Indiana. This guy had beat an attempted murder rap after stabbing his sister by claiming insanity; he had a long "rap sheet" that included charges of theft, robbery, and criminal recklessness. But the FBI still passed him. He bought his gun, and not six hours later shot his landlord when he came for the rent.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH? ABC has fired Roseanne by canceling her popular television show after she "made a racial slur" about a political figure. Never mind she has as much freedom of speech as does Colin Kaepernick in the NFL, where liberals are "flailing about," trying to get him hired on ANY team. They SAY he was "blacklisted" after refusing to stand for the National Anthem, but that's a LIE. He "walked out" on his contract after the team wouldn't approve a big salary increase after the contract was signed. A separate thing. The "free speech" argument is moot, because it only applies to GOVERNMENT punishment for what they say. Employers can, and DO punish people for what they say, as Roseanne can testify. Roseanne's problem is, she was sounding a lot like a conservative/

ONLY THE LAW-ABIDING: Anti-gun laws only do one thing: they make it easier for the lawless to victimize the law-abiding by disarming them and making them "easy targets" for the lawless, who just don't bother to obey anti-gun laws. There isn't a single anti-gun law that has EVER stopped a "gun crime" because the people their laws are supposed to apply to, simply IGNORE them and continue to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey their laws. Meanwhile, the anti-gun fools keep insisting on making ever more of their USELESS anti-gun laws, while insulting people who point out their ignorance and try to stop their depredations and attempts to violate the Constitution of the United States.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: They call it a summit. A summit is two IMPORTANT world leaders meeting. Kim Jong Stupid being there doesn't make it a summit. He isn't important enough. But I'm sure HE thinks he is.... Accusations without proof. The Washington Post just published a story asking "what is Trump hiding about his health." Of course, there's no source cited because this is just more "made-up stuff" designed to bring his health in question with no basis in fact.... Notable headlines: "Dumocrats blame Trump for (fill in the blank)"... ABC has fired Roseanne because of her "racial slur." But liberals are still pressuring the NFL to hire Colin Kaepernick in spite of his being the CAUSE of much diissention and lowered attendance figures. They argue "free speech," but what about Roseanne's freedom of speech? In any case, freedom of speech applies ONLY to GOVERNMENT punishment for what they say, not an employer....

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