Tuesday, June 5, 2018

They Have It In Common

Jimmy Kimmel, Joy Bahar, Samantha Bee, and Roseann all have something in common. All have made scurrilous comments--some on television, some on Twitter. None have gotten fired, so far--except for Roseann. Why is she different? Because she was making noises like a Trump supporter. All the others made insults TO Trump. Double standard? Absolutely. But liberals will deny it to their dying day, even if we know it, and they KNOW we know it. They think if they deny reality, we'll believe it. Unfortunately, that's not working for them, any more. We're onto them. That's why Trump is in the White House.

POLITICAL STUPIDITY: The "Parkland Teens" are clamoring for the voting age to be lowered to 16. And some people are buying it, mostly Dumocrats. Because they LIKE having people too dumb about politics having votes. At the age of 16, you know NOTHING about anything, much less politics. You do everything you can at that age to get out of paying attention to politics. And they want you to VOTE? I know that I, at the age of 16, couldn't care less about politics and thus, knew less than nothing about it. I had not been ALIVE long enough to know anything, and they have not, either. Lowering the voting age to 16 is political STUPIDITY.

GUN CONTROL BY PROXY: They can't ban guns. It's in the Constitution. So they're doing all they can to make it impossible to USE the guns you're allowed to buy legally. Now they're targeting ammunition and, can you believe it, GUN OIL. They're making it impossible for anybody to make ammunition legally, and they're buying up every container of gun oil they can find. so much so that the only major producer of gun oil is having to TRIPLE their production, just to handle sales to the GOVERNMENT. And that necessitates them shutting down sales to anybody else! Of course, you know what's going to happen. There is going to rise a BLACK MARKET in gun oil AND ammunition to match the already existing black market in guns. People will be forced to become CRIMINALS to be able to defend themselves.

GUN CONTROL FALLACY: The whole idea that making laws to ban ONLY the law-abiding (who are the only ones who OBEY laws) from buying guns is a fallacy. It's stupid. Yet far too many stupid politicians believe in it. They have to know that their laws don''t work. That all they do is make a bad problem worse, by disarming the law-abiding, who aren't usually the problem, and making them "sitting ducks" for the LAWBREAKERS, who ARE. The lawbreakers break laws. That's why they're called lawBREAKERS. So they aren't going to even THINK about obeying a law that says they can't have a gun to use in committing their other crimes.

THE GUN CONTROL DREAM: Gun control is just that. A dream. It's a dream that many stupid politicians have, and they impose it upon you while making you an "easy target" for lawbreakers, who break laws for a LIVING. They pass silly laws that lawbreakers routinely break. They're lawbreakers, after all. That has been proven conclusively in every major city with tight gun laws. Cities such as Chicago, where they have just about every silly gun law in existence in force, yet they still have some of the HIGHEST numbers of gun violence and gun murders in existence, anywhere.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Elizabeth Warren "boldly" says she will not take NRA donations. Only one problem. She has never been OFFERED any--and is not apt to be.... Thanks to the anti-gun fools, the NRA now has SIX MILLION members. The more they flail about trying to take away our constitutional guarantee of self defense, and the right to the best tool for it, a gun, the bigger the NRA gets.... This is news? "Trump not worried about the Mueller 'investigation.'" Naturally. There's nothing to it.... The unemployment rate is down in all categories. Some as low as they've ever been, and the liberal media ignores it, reporting the raw numbers, but playing it down.... Google says Republicans are socialists. which reveals the fact that they haven't the foggiest notion what socialism IS.... The hotel in Singapore that wants to charge $6,000.00 a night to put up Kim Jong Stupid is just saying, "We don't want him here. Send him somewhere else....

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