Friday, June 8, 2018

Assad to Visit Kim

Kim Jong Stupid's only ally outside of communist China (which OWNS him) is Bashir Assad, the dictator in Syria, and Kim just announced Assad is going to come and visit him. Oh, great. A meeting between bloody dictators who have murdered many of their citizens to stay in power. Maybe Kim thinks such a meeting will enhance his chances of "bulldozing" Trump--which ain't agonna happen." Assad better be very careful on leaving Syria. He might not be the boss when he returns. And that would mean his END.

TIME TO STOP IT: It's time Trump brought an end to the obvious attempt at a "bloodless coup" to remove him from the office he rightfully earned, buy WINNING the election fairly, against the corrupt and ILLEGAL methods used by the Dumocrats. since losing, the Dumocrats conned an FBI official into ILLEGALLY appointing a special counsel to "investigate" NO CRIME, and he has been trying for over a year, spending $17 million dollars (or more) of taxpayer money in his attempt. It's time Trump cut off his funds and shut him down before he embarrasses himself more.

WON'T PARDON HIMSELF: Liberals are "crying" about Trump's "ability" to pardon himself. Something Trump has never even considered. Something only the liberals and the anti-Trumpers consider. Trump has never considered it because he has not done ANYTHING wrong. The whole thing is a charade CREATED by his enemies, and those are the members of "the swamp," which Trump has promised to "drain." They see their END, so they'll do ANYTHING they can to stop him.

I HATE CONSERVATISM! I just don't like the term. Conservatism describes a specific set of principles and beliefs, some of which I do not accept, though I do accept, and agree with MOST of them. That is why I don't "label" myself as a conservative. I am a "rational individualist." I make my own decisions about everything. I don't allow anybody else to make decisions for me. Some of my beliefs are completely inimical to conservatism, and that's the way I like it. I conform to NO LABELS except my own. Nobody else, to my knowledge, describes themselves as a "rational individualist." Which is okay with me.

"EMPLOYMENT WITHOUT RESPECT": Don Lemon dismisses Trump's historic employment numbers, saying, "What's full employment without respect?" What is it? It can be the difference between freedom and slavery. If black people have to depend on the government for their very daily bread, they will have to obey the ORDERS of that government. And you have to EARN respect. It is not GIVEN lightly. It is an INDIVIDUAL thing that depends upon the actions of the INDIVIDUAL. You don't get to DEMAND respect without respectful ACTIONS, and get it. Blacks who ACT in a respectful manner, and DO respectful things will GET respect. Full employment gives them the FREEDOM to make their own decisions.

WHAT HAPPENED TO GUN CONTROL? Anti-gun fools point to England and Australia as "meccas of gun control." Both places have laws that have effectively BANNED guns in the hands of private citizens, with very few exceptions. This is supposed to STOP "gun crime," right? WRONG! In Australia recently, cops found 7 victims of gun crime and are fighting a rise in KNIFE crime. In London, a man is fighting for his life after a "machine gun attack." This is yet more proof that NONE of the anti-gun fools' laws do ANYTHING to "stop gun crime," as they claim. It merely makes the law-abiding into "easy targets."

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