Monday, June 4, 2018

"There's No Evidence!"

The Dumocrats are making a big thing about there being "no evidence" of a Dumocrat spy placed in Trump's campaign, trying to ridicule Trump for saying there was. Of course, this completely ignores the fact that they have spent a year plus, and spent millions of taxpayer dollars in a fruitless search for the "Russian collusion" they still are firmly convinced exists, in spite of NO EVIDENCE being found in all that time. No evidence doesn't seem to bother them in swearing to the "Russian Collusion" story, but "Trump is a fool" for claiming there was a spy in his campaign without proof. Wow! Talk about double standards!

ONLY THE LAW-ABIDING: Anti-gun laws only do one thing: they make it easier for the lawless to victimize the law-abiding by disarming them and making them "easy targets" for the lawless, who just don't bother to obey anti-gun laws. There isn't a single anti-gun law that has EVER stopped a "gun crime" because the people their laws are supposed to apply to, simply IGNORE them and continue to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey their laws. Meanwhile, the anti-gun fools keep insisting on making ever more of their USELESS anti-gun laws, while insulting people who point out their ignorance and try to stop their depredations and attempts to violate the Constitution of the United States.

TRUMP'S NEGOTIATING TACTICS: Trump's critics just don't understand negotiating tactics, and Trump is a master negotiator. The very basic tactic in negotiations is, demand the sun of all you want is the horizon. That gives your opponent the option to actually give you the horizon and claim a victory in the negotiations. It worked in the early negotiations with Kim Jong Stupid, and he fell for it. Trump threatened complete annihilation of the N. Korean half of the Korean peninsula, and scared the hell out of him. So now he's trying to get "talks" started, where he will make all kinds of promises he intends not to keep, as his father did before him. Only Trump is not going to fall for it. He will make sure there is a way for us to MAKE SURE he keeps his promises.

REBOOTING ROSEANN: Canceling the Roseann Show cost ABC a bundle of money. Not only in lost revenue from sponsors, but in the fact that the hundreds of people employed to do the show all have contracts forcing them to pay them for the entire 13 show run, whether or not it goes. So now they're "considering" a reboot of the show--without Roseann, of course. they want to reboot it with one of the other characters in the title role, They polled the people involved, and they're mostly all interested. My question is this: Will it last beyond two or three episodes before they find out of won't work?

LIBERALS ARE CRYING: They continue to try and spin what Trump is doing in a bad way, but it's getting harder and harder to criticize what he's accomplishing as he wins, time after time, Obama's unemployment figures were setting records. Trump's too. But different records. Obama's were the highest unemployment numbers ever. Trump's are the LOWEST. Trump got a massive tax reduction through Congress without a single Dumocrat vote, and they're trying to paint the gains for Americans as "crumbs." Meanwhile those "wascally corporations" are taking advantage of it to raise wages and give their people bonuses.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: The New York Times is desperate to make Trump look bad. They wrote a "report" about "only" 1,000 people showing up at his rally, when it was attended by 7,000 and more waiting outside, trying to get in.... Frankly, I was afraid the liberal media would take the booing of Trump haters out of context and report that they were booing Trump. They must have missed that.... Somebody's asking if Trump should "dump" the Second Amendment. That's not an issue. He can't do that without a 2.3 vote of Congress. And he ain't agonna get that.... Critics keep saying trump's policies are going to result in disaster. Like they said "tweaking" Kim Jong Stupid will "get us into a nuclear war." But Kim is now making "talking noises." And not a peep out of them. Now they're complaining about Trump's new tariffs the same way. will they shut up when his negotiating tactics work? Probably....

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