Monday, June 11, 2018

Proved It Again!

Chicago is the "demonstration city" for people who know that gun control doesn't work. Chicago has some of the toughest anti-gun laws in the nation. Meanwhile, Chicago has some of the highest deaths by gunfire in the nation. Something's wrong here. Gun crime SHOULD be minimal, or nonexistent in Chicago, if the anti-gun fools are to be believed. But, NO! With all those tough anti-gun laws, the numbers of gun deaths are still very high. Why is that? Does this mean that lawbreakers BREAK their anti-gun laws and get their guns illegally? It sure does. Chicago is a microcosm of big cities, everywhere. The law-abiding obey their laws, and become "sitting ducks" for the "bad guys" out there.

KELLYANNE RIPS CNN'S FAKE NEWS: CNN published a picture of two children in cages like animals and falsely attributed it to the Trump administration. One little problem: that picture came from the OBAMA Administration, and they knew it when they published it. But that didn't stop the liberal media from republishing the pictures far and wide, until their falsity was discovered. Then they published a SMALL "update" that nobody read, and went on, like nothing happened. I'm getting very tired of this WILLING false news, published by the liberal media, in their efforts to derail President Trump (Damn, it feels good to write those words!). And even after their lie was known, a reporter tried to "bring it up" once more, and Kellyanne Conway shut him up with a few words, then walked away, turning her back on him.

DERANGED DEMOCRAT: A deranged Dumocrat writer says he'd rather his daughter date a murderous MS-13 member than a Republican. MS-13's "motto" is "rape, control, KILL!" Republicans are honest (for the most part), hard-working people who only want the best for themselves, and all of us--but they disagree with Dumocrats on how to do it. This imbecile would rather put his daughter into the hands of a deadly murderer who cares nothing about the rights or life of ANYBODY, much less this fool's daughter. Frankly, I'd think saying something like this would be grounds for Child Protective Services to remove his daughter from his home. They've done it for a lot less. This proves again that being a Dumocrat is a mental disease.

CARREY DESTROYING HIS CAREER: Comedian Jim Carrey is working HARD to destroy his career. He has to know most of his recent "paintings" irritate most Americans. His latest depicts the First Lady being brainwashed. He must really hate Trump, and all his associates to destroy his own career this way. I think he has gone "off the rails" himself. He can't tell you WHY he hates Trump. just that he does. I've always liked him, but I'll not be going to anything he's in, in the future. I won't call it a boycott. I don't believe in those. It's just my own decision.

MUSLIMS WANT SPECIAL TREATMENT: As usual, Muslims are demanding special treatment. Female Muslim workers at Amazon are claiming "unusually heavy and dangerous workload" during Ramadan. How it is "dangerous" is beyond me, unless they figure fasting during the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan would make them weak. Religious strictures are not something an employer must observe, unless they are observed for EVERYBODY, not just members of one "religion." This situation just shows, once again, that Muslims everywhere are there to make as much trouble as they can get away with.

CLINTON LOSES IT: He "lost it" when he was questioned about Monica Lewinsky by NBC reporter Craig Milton. He accused the networks of "only telling one side," and he's right. But it was HIS side. All except Fox, anyway. He told him that "I didn't get out of that unscathed," but he did, for the most part. He got fined $100,000, but others paid it. He lost his law license for five years, but, as an ex-president, he didn't need it because he wasn't practicing law during that time. As an ex-president, he got paid a lot of money to make speeches, and television appearances. Just as his wife, and co-conspirator did. He said, "I apologized to everybody in the world." But it wasn't a real apology. It was the usual "no apology apology" you get from most politicians who get caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

BERNIE BLASTS DISNEY: The Disney Company has a lot to answer for, but one of them is NOT "making money." As with most socialists/communists, Bernie Sanders thinks outfits like Disney shouldn't make money. He thinks they can pay those confiscatory taxes he envisions WITHOUT making money. He doesn't think ANYBODY but the government should ever make any money. He doesn't think things through, so he just doesn't understand how outfits like Disney could PAY those taxes without making money. Like most socialists, he hasn't a clue about economics. Or he wouldn't be a socialist.

FOOTBALL PLAYERS UPSET: The football team (which I will not name) whose invitation to the White House was rescinded by President Trump are upset with him because of it. So what? Who gives a damn what a bunch of millionaires whose only talent is trying to keep other millionaires from getting a ball and taking it to the end zone think? I certainly don't. If football players think they're doing something good by disrespecting our flag and our national anthem, their stupidity is their problem, not ours. He canceled to "get ahead" of that team, which was going to cancel, themselves. In typical Trump fashion, he made a WIN out of what his opponents thought would be a loss for him.

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