Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ayatolla Wants Gun Control

In America. That's right, the Ayatolla Khamenei, in IRAN, wants gun control IN AMERICA, for AMERICANS. Where the hell he gets the idea he has anything to say about gun control in America is a mystery. They might have laws against gun ownership in Iran for their CITIZENS, but you can bet all their government agents have them. There is no such thing as the Second amendment in Iran, so the Ayatolla just doesn't understand ours. He thinks our government can just BAN guns, and they'll magically disappear.

IT'S RACISM! Whenever I hear liberal say that word, I know he/she has no answer to the point we made. If you listen to the liberal pundits, EVERYTHING is racist, if they can't explain it. It's their way of avoiding the issue. It's the new "buzzword." They haven't sufficient imagination to be able to have a cogent comeback when we make a point, so they immediately start calling us names, starting with "racist." Liberals are so damnably STUPID it's funny. They're very predictable, which is why they're losing all over the place. They've used the same "playbook" for so long, we're now onto them.

TRUMP TARIFF RETALIATION:: The "news" is full of "gloom and doom" over the threats of retaliatory tariffs by our "friends and foes." Which is typical in this "hate Trump" atmosphere. Anything Trump does, they paint the worst possible picture of the results. When he threatened Kim Jung Stupid with nuclear retaliation if Kim sent ONE missile our way, they whined and cried about Trump "starting a nuclear war," even though his threats were simply threats of RETALIATION if Kim started one. They whined and whimpered, right up to the time Kim "folded," and signaled that he wanted to talk. They never consider what will happen if Trump WINS, as he usually does.

THE IGNORANCE OF GUN CONTROL: Anti-gun fools react instantly whenever somebody, with or without a legal gun, shoots somebody. Especially a mass shooting, and really especially if it occurs in a school. They bring put all their "knee-jerk" actions that DISARM the law-abiding, and make them "easy targets" for the bad guys. Like the guy in the linked video who was innocently using an ATM when a man walked up and killed him. He was not armed, because of the anti-gun fools who automatically want tho DISARM people when something like this happens. Did their laws protect him, or did they protect the guy who killed him? It is IMBECILIC to answer armed violence by disarming yourself. But imbeciles seem to be making a lot of our laws. Laws that get guys like this killed,

A SPY'S A SPY'S A SPY: The Dumocrats deny it. But they had the FBI place a SPY into the Trump campaign. They CALL him/her an "informant," and say they placed him/her there to "protect" Trump from "suspected" Russian interference in our election. They say the spy was not there to spy on Trump, but I call BS. It's a big load of bull droppings. They didn't tell trump. They didn't put a spy in the Hillary campaign, and she WAS "colluding with Russians" to get Trump beaten. They think all they have to do is deny it, and we'll believe they didn't put a SPY into Trump's campaign. But we're onto them.

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Trump's critics always paint the dirtiest picture of their "fears" when Trump tries his negotiating methods in politics, and they're always shown to be wrong when he wins. And then they shut up, until the next time.... The European Union has made some new "rules" about what bloggers must do, and blogger platforms are "complying." But why should they? The EU doesn't make rules Americans must follow, just like with the UN.... You saw those nasty photos of "caged children," didn't you? That they tried to connect to Trump. But it has been revealed that they were taken during the OBAMA administration. Will anybody "own up" to it? Not a chance.... Samantha Bee has become infamous for calling the president's wife a "c-nt." Whoever heard of her before that? Nobody....

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