Friday, March 9, 2018

White House Turnover

Liberals are making hay about the "turnover" at the White House, saying the WH is "in turmoil." Ignored is the fact that EVERY White House has different people leaving, from time to time. If Trump's WH is having a higher level of resignations, it's probably because they're getting tired of all the insults and other abuse the liberals (Dumocrats) are heaping on them, just because they are on Trump's team, and, for some, it just isn't worth it. Mueller is going after them, one by one, and ruining them financially. So why stay and go down because of a Mueller technicality?

ONE VICTORY DESTROYS NRA? The anti-gun fools have just proven (again) that they are stupid. They think ONE VICTORY has DESTROYED the NRA. They wish! They'll use ANYTHING to make themselves, and the world, think they've won completely, when all they've done is trade on panicked lawmakers who want to be seen as "doing something," even if it is futile, and wrong. It's ONE VICTORY, and it has NOT "Destroyed the NRA. The NRA is still there, and will continue to be an impediment to those who would make laws that violate the Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws.

"TIME FOR GUN CONFISCATION": At least that's what the Tampa Bay Times thinks, anyway. In spite of the fact that the Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws, forbids it. Whatever makes these ignorant anti-gun fools think taking guns away from LEGAL owners will stop those who buy their guns ILLEGALLY, or just STEAL them, is beyond me. But it has to be the workings of an irrational, ignorant mind. They really expect that to affect the ability of CRIMINALS to get a gun, and that's irrational. Of course, it's the same with ALL their anti-gun laws.

INTERNET PURGE OF DISSENTING VOICES: Facebook and Twitter, and possibly other "social networking" sources think they can silence the voices of dissension from liberal thinking by deleting certain posts, and even closing the accounts of certain conservatives. They can't. They might "purge" it from their sites, but there are too many other ways to get conservative opinion to the Internet. For my part, I've never used such as Facebook or Twitter as my primary conduit. I have several blogs, and I update several of them five days a week. They can't stop me. And if my blogging platform does, I can simply move to another platform, or do it without them, as I did for several years, when I started.

LEAVE IT TO LIBERALS: To make something bad out of something that could end up being good. So "Morning Joe" (Joe Scarborough) says Trump is using the "turnaround" by Kim Jong Stupid to distract us from the whore complaint (Stormy Daniels') UNPROVEN claims she had a "relationship" with him long before he ever thought about getting elected president. Distract us? What the hell FROM? The Stormy story is a completely made up story bought and paid for by the liberals (Dumocrats) to distract us from the many investigations into Dumocrat corruption that are ongoing.

OBAMA GETTING HIS OWN SHOW: He's negotiating right now with Netflix. They say, "the format is not yet set." But you can bet it will be a long list of his imagined "accomplishments" and a "showcase" to promote socialism and Trump-hate. I don't know what the draw is with this failed ex president, but I'm sure there is a large enough bunch of ignorant liberals out there to make it pay--at least, a little bit. Obama is like the monster in a horror movie. Just as you think he's gone, he pops up again to hassle you some more.

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