Monday, March 5, 2018

Strengthening the NRA

The anti-gun fools would like to destroy outfits like the NRA, which is the strongest pro-self defense organization out there trying to defend our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to be armed for self defense. They keep saying the NRA is "pro-gun," which is WRONG. The NRA is "pro-self defense," whatever tool you may use to accomplish that, INCLUDING guns. Every time they start blaming them for the mass shootings that occur, their membership goes up, and the dollars they have to promote their position increases, as well. The anti-gun fools hate that, but they don't know how to stop it. That would take intelligence.

STUPID STUDENTS: Every day we see more and more evidence that youngsters in college haven't been ALIVE long enough to know anything, so they "lap up" the garbage spewed by elite liberals, which abound in universities. The latest evidence is the college students who acted like BABIES because a panel decided it was true that men and women were different. It took a "panel" to figure this out? Just put some men and some women in a room together naked, and this fact will illustrate itself. It is one undeniable fact that if you have a penis, you're MAN. A vagina, you're a woman. That's undeniable, though the elite liberals are trying to deny it. But if they refuse to admit that, it doesn't make it true, and only "babies" will cry when someone "finds" it to be true.

FULL OF BULL DROPPINGS: Russian "strong man" Vladmir, uh, Putin says he now has a missile that can reach ANYWHERE in the world, and it can't be stopped. That's supposed to "put the fear of God" into the whole world, especially America, It's a big load of bull droppings! If he had such a thing, he would want to keep it secret, to surprise us. ANNOUNCING it is only designed to scare us. That's the ONLY reason he would do such a thing. I look for Kim Jong Stupid to make a similar announcement soon, if it works for the Russians.

"WORN OUT THEIR WELCOME": The liberal-controlled media has worn out its welcome in most American households. Nobody believes them, any more. They have lied, misrepresented, and made up negative stories about Trump and all his people to the extent that nobody, except for the people who "pay no attention to politics," who tend to "lap up" their lies like puppies with ice cream still believe them. They take a small thing like Jared Kushner's security clearance being temporarily downgraded (something that happens all the time, all over government), and make a big thing of it. And almost ALL their stories are negative when it concerns Trump or any of his people.

WON'T PROTECT OUR KIDS: But raising the age limit to buy certain kinds of guns to 21 WILL violate or constitutional rights. That seems to be the "knee-jerk response" whenever somebody goes into a school and kills a bunch of kids, whether or NOT a gun is involved. I remember when a guy went in with a KNIFE and killed some kids, the anti-gun fools "jumped in" immediately with their demands for new useless anti-gun laws. All this does is prove my contention that, for some reason, they are DETERMINED to eliminate our gun rights, altogether, in spite of the fact that they are GUARANTEED by the Constitution, the BASIS for ALL our laws.

CNBC IS DELUDED: They actually think the NRA will FIRE Dana Loesch to "repair their reputation." What the hell makes them think the NRA NEEDS to "repair their reputation" among anybody except those who believe the propaganda put out by the anti-gun fools? They really think that everybody believes the same bull-dung they believe, and will respond to their ignorant posing. The NRA laughs at their feeble efforts to undermine them. They know that their basis of action is, in fact, supported by the Constitution and that CNBC's is NOT. So why would they even CONSIDER firing one of their most effective spokespeople because CNBC demands it? They don't like her because she's EFFECTIVE.

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