Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Anti-Gun Coffee Shop

In Oakland, California (where else?) there is a coffee shop that has asked the cops to "stay away," and that they would take care of their own business if some thugs came in with guns to rob and kill people there. They would "rely on their neighbors to protect them" if that happens. Then, when the inevitable does happen (as it will), the cops should stay at least 500 feet away from their coffee shop while the thugs and the coffee shop "neighbors" have their gun fight. After it's over, the cops should then ask a CIVILIAN "clean-up crew" to come in, remove the bodies, clean up the blood as best they can, and then go away, with no investigation, pursuant to the wishes of the owners.

WHY CALL TRUMP RACIST? Even the Dumocrats don't believe Trump is a racist, any more.. But they have no answers to his successes as president, and they know nothing else except to accuse him of racism, with no backing in fact. They've done it for years, accusing everybody who disagrees with their disastrous policies of being racist. It increased with the election of Barack Obama, a man who almost destroyed this country as a free nation, who told us electing him would "END racism forever." Instead, with his help, it REVIVED racism. Only this time it was black against WHITE racism.

"NO DEMOCRAT SCANDALS": Obama loves to go on TV and tell us there "are no Dumocrat scandals," and never were any during his administration. And many Americans believe him because they've never read about any in the liberal media. There's a good reason for that; the liberal media refuses to report on the MANY scandals that occurred, not only during his administration, but before--if they involved Dumocrats, not Republicans. If a Republican got into trouble, or was just ACCUSED of it, they played that up vastly, giving that story "wall-to-wall" coverage.

MAXINE WATERS' LOW IQ: Liberals are incensed at President Trump calling Maxine Waters "low IQ" as she continues to threaten him, at every turn, with impeachment, notwithstanding the fact she can't come up with an impeachable charge to lodge against him. He says she's "dumb as a box of rocks," but I think that's an insult to a box of rocks. She isn't that smart. Now she thinks Mueller, or Stormy Daniels can "finish the job" of getting rid of Trump. That disregards the fact that Mueller has been trying very hard, and spending millions of taxpayer dollars, for more than a year, and has come up with NOTHING. That Stormy has made some UNSUPPORTED accusations of something that is NOT illegal, nor is it a "crime or misdemeanor." Maxine reveals her abysmal ignorance every time she opens her considerable mouth.

GUN CONTROL: CIVIL RIGHTS? That's what "The Oprah" thinks, anyway. She is equating the push for anti-gun laws with the civil rights march. She forgets that there was no constitutional guarantee of equal rights for blacks back then. In fact, for many years, blacks suffered under the "Dred Scott Decision," which marked blacks as "only partly a human being." In this case there IS a constitutionally guaranteed RIGHT anti-gun fools (like her) want to violate, or remove, altogether. That their anti-gun laws don't work worth a damn is obvious to everybody, and, instead, make it easier for those with ILLEGAL guns to victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey those silly laws, seems to escape them. Are they just STUPID?

ONE MAN’S OPINION: Nancy Peelosi says, “Trump wants to make America WHITE again.” More evidence of the Dumocrat effort to PROMOTE black against white racism. And they don’t think we notice.... When Trump threatens to cut off the aid we’re sending to Palestinians, Mahmoud Abbas, Palestinian president, says, “Keep your money!” So we should. Why are we supporting the Palstinian terrorist killers, anyway? That seems kinda stupid.... Remember when Obama said, “Libya is a sh-t show”? Some conservatives do, but liberals? No. Obama can do (or say) no wrong. Apologies to Mallard Fillmore… It's a real giggle the way Dumocrats keep trying so hard to convince their gullible followers that Obama's policies are responsible for Trump's economy....

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