Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Iran Likes Gun Control

They've got it, and their citizens better be sure and not criticize the government, in any way because they have no (legal) guns, so they'd better do what the government tells them to do, or maybe get shot by guns in the hands of "government agents." And they support gun control in America, so our government can do likewise, to its citizens. That's what "Supreme Leader" (dictator) Ayatolla Khamenei says, anyway. Not that last part, just the part about praising our anti-gun (fools') attempts at "gun control." I imagine Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, or any other dictator would agree. It worked well for them (for a while). And it's working well for Kim Jong Stupid (so far).

DOUBLE STANDARD ON GUNS: In the village of Sherwood Hills, Wisconsin, a "concerned parent" walked into a school and handed a teacher a piece of cardboard with the word, "gun" on it, to demonstrate the weakness of the school's security, hoping to make schools safer for his children. The school didn't appreciate that, and called the cops, who arrested him. He threatened no one in his little protest, and did NOT "hinder teaching," in any way. It was a simple demonstration, and not even a disrupting one. But they arrested him, anyway. Meanwhile, thousands of "frightened" students go all over the place, from Tallahassee to DC, to protest and "show their support for gun control," PAID FOR by anti-gun fools.

DEMOCRATS DEAD WRONG! They always decry ANY tax cut except the "targeted" tax cuts they sometimes offer, so as to control more people. When Trump got his tax cut package passed, they "jumped up and down," telling us "it wasn't a tax cut, at all, that our taxes would go up." Then the "big corporations, who "don't care about their employees" began giving their employees large (for them) bonuses, based on money they expected to get from paying less in taxes. Nancy Peelosi (a rich woman by anybody's standards) told us this was "peanuts," and meant nothing. Soon people are going to be seeing their paychecks get larger, and I wonder what lies Nancy is going to tell us, then.

MORE LIBERAL PROPAGANDA: Eric Holder, one of Obama's Attorneys General says that "Mueller already has charges prepared to file against Donald Trump." More wishful thinking designed to worry Trump supporters, and which is based on NOTHING except his own OPINION. If Mueller actually had anything, he'd be "shouting it to the skies," instead of just letting one of Trump's implacable ENEMIES "leak" it. That's how they work: put out a LIE, the liberal media then "swears to it," carrying all kinds of "stories" about it, also based on NOTHING, for days and weeks, until (they hope) America comes to believe it. Meanwhile, they hope against hope it comes true--a forlorn hope, at best.

ANONYMOUS SOURCES: Every story that says Trump colluded with the Russians to get elected has a single theme running through them: they are "supported" by UNNAMED, anonymous sources. And somewhere, in every story, there is a line buried, saying, in effect, "we don't have any proof of this yet, but our sources are sure it's true." But do these "sources" even exist? Like with the "imaginary friend" that told Harry Reid that a presidential candidate Romney didn't pay his taxes for ten years, a story subsequently proven false, they can't "name their sources" because they don't exist.

"WE ARE THE EXPERTS": That's what Parkland High School student survivor of the Broward County school killings David Hogg said, while "dumping on" the NRA. Where in hell this fool got that notion, I don't know. I guess hiding in a closet while dodging bullets makes him an expert on gun control--or something. But the NRA is NOT responsible, just because they stand up for our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to be armed for self defense. In any case, nothing that came out of his mouth--or from the mouth of Bill Maher made any sense at all, concerning gun control. Both were completely clueless on the subject. I feel sorry for those kids. That had to be a life-changing experience. But it does NOT make you an expert on gun control or anything else.

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