Thursday, March 8, 2018

Guns and Racism

Like any good (good?) liberal, Shannon Watts makes a racial slur in her rebuke to a Jewish woman threatened by some Neo-Nazis, thus introducing race into her "argument." the woman got a gun for self protection after a bunch of Neo-Nazis published her home address on their web site, thus painting a "target' on her back. Shannon, a "top anti-gun fool" financed, through cutouts, by Geroge Soros, told her in a Tweet that her wishing to be protected was because she was "white." The situation, of course, has nothing to do with race, but not to liberals, including Watts. They always inject racism. The cops think driving by her house once in a while will protect her, but that kind of "protection" is so easily avoided by "bad guys," it's silly.

OOPS! Gabby Giffords publishes a list of states and their gun laws, rating them. Her A+ rating goes to the states that have enacted the most of the anti-gun fool laws. And her A+ states listed have had an INCREASE of 278% REAL gun deaths, not the ones "cherry picked" by Giffords. Of course, DC would be an A+ "state" if she had included it. But she "curiously" did not. Maybe because of their very high REAL gun death figures? This list is typical of the "smoke and mirrors" used by all anti-gun fools, who try and improve their position with miscalculated figures and LIES. It is yet another illustration of why you can't depend on them to publish REAL figures.

"JUST SHUT 'EM UP!" If you can't win the argument; if you have no true facts to support your position, and have run out of lies, just call your opposition names to shut them up. That's the direction the anti-gun fools are taking, and have always taken. That's why they say the NRA is racist, and are terrorists, and "have blood on their hands." Racist is their favorite epithet since Obama revived its popularity among liberals as a means of not having to argue on the facts, in any debate. They think if they can make their opponents look bad enough, they can win the argument in spite of having no facts on their side. Liberals have always used that ploy when they just can't come up with a cogent argument to blunt criticism (which is usually every time).

IMPRISONED WHORE KNOCKS TRUMP: No, it's not Hillary, much as we wish it could be. It is a known whore and former (?) XXX film "performer" known as "Stormy Daniels," who SAYS she had an affair with Donald Trump, WAY before he became a presidential candidate. Now she's suing him. For what? For screwing a "porn star?" Wait--isn't his sex life his own business, like it was when Bill Clinton was found to be getting oral sex in the Oval Office? The double standard here is so obvious it sickens me. And I don't believe her for a minute. Money can buy many such lies from such a person. Even if Trump WAS a "sexual person," he doesn't need to lower himself to having sex with a "sex worker." And, as usual, her accusations are backed by NOTHING but her unsupported word. No other evidence. She CLAIMS a "non-disclosure agreement" she SAYS was signed with a Trump attorney wasn't signed by Trump, so it doesn't apply. The reason Trump didn't sign it is, he wasn't involved.

NY TIMES "FAKE NEWS": The NYT published a phony Trump "hit piece," featuring an IMAGINARY family with a "made-up" tax return supposedly showing this family had a $3,896 higher tax bill under the new tax law. Only problem is, they did such a lousy job with the numbers that it just didn't add up. So they had to run an embarrassing retraction. They left out all kinds of deductions (some of them new, in the new tax bill) to come up with their figures. Hey, NYT! If you're gonna LIE, get some competent people to make it convincing! In any case, they didn't even bother to use a REAL family, so they could "tailor" the figures to suit themselves--and they did a lousy job, at that, until the Wall St. Journal "ratted them out."

IT'S ALWAYS RACISM! Embattled Oakland, CA Mayor Libby Schaff is now calling AG Sessions a "racist" for attempting to enforce the law, since she's the lawbreaker. She says Sessions equated ALL ILLEGAL aliens to lawbreakers. Funny. I thought illegal was illegal, and MADE them lawbreakers. Furthermore, the biggest majority of those who WERE arrested in a recent sweep WERE thugs, robbers, rapists, and even some murderers. She can't truthfully deny that, but she will make the attempt. Where she gets that "racist" tag, I don't know, except from Obama, who used it to blunt ALL criticism, after promising that electing him would END racism, forever.

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