Friday, March 2, 2018

Didn't Work Before

Won't work this time, either. I'm talking about that infamous "assault weapons ban" that was in force for a while, that didn't stop a single "assault weapon" (whatever THAT is) from being sold on the black market. And to risk repeating myself, I'll say, "It won't do it this time, either." And bump stocks: banning them will spark a new industry making them FOR the black market, and their numbers will INCREASE, rather than decrease. They're too easy to make. That's how it is. You can't ban human nature. Criminals, and others who want to shoot people will find a way. They always haven and always will.

A CONTRADICTION: Liberals apply different standards to different situations. for instance, "religious freedom" has no meaning when you're talking about baking cakes for somebody if that cake would violate your religious convictions. If you do, you can be sued out of business while the liberal court "awards" MASSIVE payments (that you'll never be able to make) to the people who demand it. They call it "discrimination." But when large retailers, such as "Dick's Sporting Goods," or "WalMart" refuse to sell AR-15s to people under 21 even though it is still legal to do so, it is NOT "discrimination based on age. Thus proving (again) that liberals want what they want, when they want it, and to hell with logic and common sense. They think neither exists, anyway.

INCOMPETENT SHERIFF MAKES DEMANDS: Sheriff Scott Israel, who, along with others in the Broward County police "community" made many mistakes when that mentally deranged kid started shooting students in that school. Now he's making some really silly demands. He and other police agencies made many mistakes in handling the case of a deranged teenager who wanted to kill people, and gave out many warnings, but he refuses to take responsibility for those mistakes, and is now blaming the NRA for the killings. He also wants to "tighten the gun laws," something that will not change a thing when it comes to finding, and PREVENTING such a shooting by identifying the perpetrator beforehand, and making sure he CAN'T carry out his plans.

HATING A "MUSLIM TRUTHTELLER": Liberals call Pamela Geller a "Muslim hater," as if there weren't good reason for her to tell the truth about the actions of SOME Muslims, They found out about her 2 daughters, and laid on a sickening campaign of bullying and insults, because they were related to her. Not that they deserved it. They stayed out of her "political business." But that made no difference to the damned fools who insulted them and caused them to delete their Twitter account. Geller RIGHTLY opposes what MANY Muslims do, and reveals the truth of it. The truth sometimes hurts. So liberals don't like her, and now her daughters. It's stupid, but that's how it is.

SCHUMER'S A RACIST: He has told us he will not vote for the confirmation of judicial nominee Marvin Quattlebaum because he's not the right color. He talks disparagingly about "most of Trump's nominees being white," even though he has nominated many black men AND women (of all colors) to important offices. I guess color is more important to Schumer than intelligence, training, and the ability to do the job. Reverse that, and have a Republican oppose a nomination because the nominee is BLACK, and his purpose is revealed for what it is: rank discrimination based on race.

VIOLENCE TO PROTEST VIOLENCE: In Stockton, California, liberal students walked out to "protest gun violence," and then committed some violence of their own. Seems like it's always that way when two or more liberals get together. There's usually no violence when only one liberal is there, because there's nobody to fight. They also create violence to keep conservatives from being able to speak. They're sorely afraid if they let one speak, their ideas might "catch on," and they can't have that. They can't seem to see the contradiction there, but that would require INTELLIGENCE, of which apparently, they don't have much.

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