Monday, March 12, 2018

"Just Shoot "Em Dead!"

That's the advice one anti-gun fool professor is telling the other anti-gun fools. James Pearce, an adjunct professor at Southern State Community College, says, "A bunch of anti-gun types (fools) should arm themselves (with the guns they hate) and attack the NRA headquarters, and leave no survivors." Meaning, kill them all. Just "arm yourself" and use that which you are against to kill the opposition so they can't make logical arguments you can't answer. That's the kind of thinking you can expect from anti-gun fools, who aren't too bright. This guy is a professor, but he isn't too bright, and is now under investigation after he said this on Facebook.

GUN-FREE ZONES: The guy who shot and killed three women in that large vet's rest home was no doubt aware that it was a "gun-free zone." But that didn't deter him in his wish to kill some people. The only thing that confined the killings to only three was the arrival of people with guns, the cops, who confined him to one room, where he took those three women hostage, and subsequently killed them all, and himself. I thought gun free zones were supposed to stop things like this. Apparently, they don't. Surprise, surprise!

IT'S A PUZZLE TO ME: Why the anti-gun fools continue to make laws and regulations they must KNOW do not work, unless they're really stupid.. If they just want to disarm everybody in America for their own purposes, they must also know they will never accomplish that goal. Every time they make a new law to keep law-abiding citizens from owning or buying a gun, or to make the guns they do have useless--like making ammunition almost impossible to get, it creates a "black market" in exactly the thing they ban, and sales of that item increase.

GUN RALLY DRAWS 20: It's not likely that the Brady Campaign thought they'd only get 20 "demonstrators" to come to Sparta, New Jersey the other day, to demand stricter gun laws, but that seems to be all the attendees they could raise. Most Americans just aren't interested in their wish to violate a basic constitutional guarantee, and they said so, by staying away from their foolishness. They tell legislators they want them to enact "common sense" laws, when there ARE no "common sense" laws in what they wish to enact. None of them work, and the REAL solutions, such as arming teachers, will not even be considered by these fools.

GUN CONFISCATION BEGINS: They're using the panic over the fools who go into schools and kill children to panic lawmakers into doing the unthinkable--confiscating our guns, for no other reason than they are guns--an inanimate object that does NOTHING until a PERSON picks it up and guns someone down. Should we ban PEOPLE? Now, in the late, formerly great State of Illinois, they're taking guns away from less than 21 year-old owners, without any kind of legal basis. No crime committed, and no law to support it. What is it about a 19-year-old that bans him from owning and using a gun, even though many join the military and are REQUIRED to be armed? Unless, of course, they're on a domestic military base.

MUELLER'S "INVESTIGATION" ENDLESS: He's spending millions of our tax dollars and his "investigation" is in turmoil because he can't find ANY evidence to prove Trump's "collusion" with the Russians to get elected. He's going far afield, and has apparently given up on finding ANY evidence of collusion with the Russians. He's flailing about to find ANYTHING he can use to weaken Trump as much as possible, even if he can't prove collusion. He's now looking into Trump's business practices going back fifteen or more years, long before he had any presidential aspirations.

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