Tuesday, March 6, 2018

"Consevatism Is Dead?"

That's what Billy Kristol thinks, anyway, and he's WRONG, as he's always wrong. You cannot "kill" an idea. And the "idea" of conservatism is a love for freedom and the right to make your own decisions, uninhibited by the bureaucrats in DC and elsewhere. Conservatism is like water. You cannot destroy it, only change its form. You cannot kill conservatism, no matter how much you'd like to, if you're a liberal. Kristol, a "Trump-hater," says "Trump is the nail in conservatism's coffin," but that crack shows his complete IGNORANCE of what's going on--ignorance, or denial. Trump is just what conservatism WANTS. And he is succeeding, in spite of all the roadblocks liberals can throw up.

WHO PROMOTES "STUDENT MOVEMENT": Immediately after the Parkland school killings in Broward County, Florida, we have seen a rise of a "perfectly scripted" bunch of students who went to Tallahassee and Washington, DC. to promote "gun safety," which is simply more "gun control." The media marveled at their "above their age" deportment, and tried to convince us it was a "spontaneous movement," which it wasn't. It was promoted, scripted, and FINANCED by anti-gun fools, in hopes of using it to promote their useless "anti-gun laws." But they were caught giving the students "scripts" to follow and paying to charter buses to take them to Tallahassee and DC. It's a pure setup, and that has become obvious.

NOBODY KILLED ANYBODY: A church in Pennsylvania had a service that FEATURED parishioners carrying AR-15s, and nobody killed anybody. The attendees managed to keep their tempers and not kill other attendees, and nobody from the outside came in to kill anybody. Probably afraid. I'd say that service was one of the safest church services, ever. Something that will be denied by the anti-gun fools, even though it CANNOT be denied by people with INTELLIGENCE. The same would be true of ANY church that ALLOWED people who are legally armed to bring their guns with them.

"NUTTIER THAN A SQUIRREL TURD": That is a headline in Clash Daily," and perfectly describes Hillary, one of the most prolific LIARS, who says, "When those in power invent their own facts, and attack those who disagree with them, it can mean the beginning of the end of a free society." This, from one of the top dispensers of her own facts, who routinely attacks those who disagree with her, this shows she either has "lost her marbles" or never had any in the first place. Only her husband, or Barack Obama have told more lies than she has, but she's right up there.

THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE: The anti-gun fools have no cogent arguments; no real reasons to wish to disarm all Americans. so they resort to calling us names. In Florida, an anti-gun fool raised billboard calling the NRA a "terrorist organization" because they stand firm concerning our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to own and use the tools for self defense, including a gun. They can't answer our very real arguments, so all they can do is call us names. Their "reasoning" sucks. A terrorist organizations sends their people out to KILL others to make a political point. The NRA does not.

THE BEST GUN SALESMEN: The anti-gun fools and all their antics in trying to disarm America are the best gun salesmen we could ask for. Whenever, and wherever a more stringent gun law is proposed, gun sales skyrocket. Gun sales lapsed a bit after Trump was elected, because he seemed to be pro-gun. Recently, he seems to be wavering, after that Florida school shooting. Wavering maybe, on some of the less important "gun laws," such as "bump stocks" and tighter background checks, although insisting on arming as many teachers as are willing to be armed and trained. Gun sales immediately jumped.

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