Friday, January 5, 2018

Retarded Newspaper Editor

I used to live in Aurora, Colorado, but I never read the Aurora Sentinel because I could find nothing worth reading there. So I didn't really realize the depths of stupidity on the part of its editors. It's nothing really but a weekly ad sheet with a few ignorant articles in between ads, just to hold it together. Now they're blaming the killing of a sheriff's deputy on an imaginary lack of registration of certain guns. How that would have stopped the nut case who killed him from getting his guns ILLEGALLY, if he couldn't get them legally is beyond me. But it seems to be absolutely clear to this fool, right or not.

PASSED 11 BACKGROUND CHECKS: Yes, the gunman in the Douglas County, Colorado shooting that killed one sheriff's deputy, wounded four others, and two civilians was a nutcase. But nobody bothered to tell NICS or anybody else responsible for doing those background checks. So he "breezed through" those checks 11 times when he bought his 11 guns. So what the hell good are these laws if the bureaucrats charged with making them work (a little bit, anyway) are so incompetent or lazy the information doesn't get to the right place, so guys like this can pass 11 background checks while being mentally unbalanced, as well as a mental hospital escapee.

IT'S A REAL GIGGLE: I have to laugh every time I see a liberal fool on TV moaning about the government "jumping on Hillary while ignoring Trump's Russian Connection." WHAT Russian Connection?" There is not a scintilla of PROOF that there was ANYTHING between Trump and the Russians, except attempts to improve Russian-American relations AFTER Trump was elected. Meanwhile, there is AMPLE PROOF of Hillary's connection with the Russians during the campaign. Proof they are roundly IGNORING. They obviously think if they repeat it often enough, it will come true. They need to be disabused of this notion.

IS TRUMP "CHILD LIKE? That's what the liberals are telling us, while they DEMONSTRATE child-like behavior in their efforts to block everything Trump tries to do. Efforts that are failing, I might add. Theirs, not Trump's. They are now AGAINST things THEY proposed while they were in power, but now Trump is in power, they oppose ANYTHING Trump even suggests. They say he never READS anything, and doesn't LISTEN to anybody. Which is so patently FALSE nobody even takes it seriously. But they keep saying it, hoping we will come to believe it. That's one of their regular scams. As to listening to anybody, maybe he listens, but doesn't always agree, He is his own man. As to reading, NOBODY gets where he is without reading, a LOT.

COULDN'T SHOOT STRAIGHT: N. Korea is "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight." They recently shot off another missile as a test, and hit one of their own cities. People keep worrying about N. Korea firing a missile that can reach the US, but they can't reliably even shoot one that doesn't fall on one of their own cities. So why should we worry about these incompetent "missiliers?" If they tried to shoot one that far, it might even fall on Kim's head. He is actually becoming FUNNY. He blows and blusters while damaging his own property--and we take him seriously?

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Sheila Jackson Lee is taking full advantage of her position as a member of Congress when she TOOK the PAID FOR first class seat away from a white women she considers a "peasant." She made the white woman go to the back of the plane. And she called her a racist when she objected.... NASCAR'S Richard Childress shot at a couple of home invaders and ran them off, Some anti-gun fools don't like that, but who cares what they like or dislike?.... Liberals like to talk about the "millions" who don't like Trump. They don't tell you about the MORE millions, not liberals, who LOVE him.... Rosie O'Donnell is a brainless idiot. Not because of WHAT she is saying lately, but because she IS saying it. She doesn't understand that she is BURYING her career--what's left of it, She was already mostly washed up, but now she's making it official....

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