Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hillary Adviser Is Frightened

He's afraid millennials will see more money in their paychecks and find out the Dumocrats lied to them, then would vote Republican, which, to him would be a disaster, not only for the Dumocrat Party, but for the country. Why is that, I wonder? If they find out the Dumocrats lied to them, what's wrong with that? The Dumocrats lie to them all the time. It's about time they discovered it. And it would NOT be a "disaster" for anybody but Dumocrats. The rest of the country would BENEFIT from it, as they have benefited in many ways from a Trump presidency.

OBAMA GUN BOOM ENDS. Americans are no longer afraid the government is going to take their guns away, leaving them defenseless against the ILLEGAL guns already out there in the hands of people who would do us harm, With Obama and his cohorts making daily attempts to do so, aided by Obama himself. gun purchases were at an all time high in his last year in office. But no more. Gun purchases are down a bit, because not as many people are afraid their government is going to go against the Constitution and take away their guns on one excuse or another.

GUN CONTROL USELESS: The figures (real ones, not the ones posted by anti-gun fools) show that states that are side-by-side with different gun laws have similar gun death rates. Maryland and Georgia, for instance: Georgia is a "permissive" gun state, while Maryland is not. But both have almost identical gun death rates. California and Texas are not side-by-side in anything except their gun laws. Texas is "permissive," while California is not. Gun laws there are very tight. But per capita gun deaths are similar. All this proves that current gun laws don't do ANYTHING to limit gun deaths.

WHY PROMOTE IT? The book written by Michael Wolf ("Fire and Fury") has become a massive football tossed back and forth by liberals and conservatives. Liberals love it because, if whether or not his unsupported charges are true, it is "bad news" for President Trump. Trump people hate it for tthe same reason. Never mind that he has a reputation for "Getting things wrong," either by accident, or on purpose. "Experts" wonder why that is so. And they call these people "experts?" It's easy to see if you have any degree of intelligence. It can be a problem for Trump, and liberals have nothing else REAL with which to "injure" him. So they "jump on" this book of fiction.

"ANYTHING HARD IS RACIST": That's the opinion of left-leaning professor Laurie Rubel, a math professor at Brooklyn College thinks, anyway. Which actually reveals her own racism, because she thinks ANYTHING that is difficult MUST be racist, because she thinks blacks just aren't as capable as white people. So now she thinks MATH is racist, because it is difficult. This, of course, is an advancement of the basic liberal philosophy of imputing racism where it does not exist, by their faulty "reasoning."

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Sheila Jackson Lee called the passenger whose PAID FOR 1st class seat she stole a "racist" when she objected. But the only racist in this picture is Lee....You can easily tell who is a "swamp dweller." They're the ones complaining the most bitterly about Trump.... Media LIES. They say Melania "ordered the removal of a 200-year-old tree for "no apparent reason." But when the truth comes out it's found the tree is already dead inside and might fall on a White House structure.... Wishful thinking. Dumocrats want desperately to have Trump lose another major player on his team. They've been talking for months about Sec. of State Tillerson leaving soon, while Trump and Tillerson keep saying, "nay." They hope by repeating it over and over it will come true....

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