Friday, January 12, 2018

Democrats Lying to America

President Trump managed to pass the biggest tax reduction bill into law, ever. And without a SINGLE Dumocrat vote. It has prompted those "mean, nasty large corporations" to issue thousand dollar bonuses to millions of employees, raise their wages (without Dumocrat prompting), and generally make life better for their employees. These are what Dumocrats call "those wascally horrible big corporations that don't care about their employees." And the money to support these actions does not diminish their profits (nasty word) a whit. They are merely diverting money that would have been sent to DC to their employees.

TEACHER ARRESTED FOR SPEAKING OUT: In Louisiana, I guess they just don't want ANYBODY speaking out against the government's practices. This teacher came to a School Board meeting to protest the hefty raise the superintendent got, while he refuses to raise the pay of teachers. Rather than listen to her, whether they acted on her complaints or not, they had a cop throw her down, handcuff her, and drag her out of the building. No "charges" were filed, and they released her outside. But the upshot of it is she was humiliated in front of her peers and possibly injured by the high-handed behavior of the cop, and her complaints were given short shrift. That cop shou;d be punished. The "supe" is "hurt" because a majority all over the country are on her side.

READING IT WRONG: Vladmir Putrid--er. uh, Putin is now saying Kim Jong Stupid is "shrewd and mature" and "won this round against the US." I don't know where he gets that, except from his own stupidity and bias, but Kim is ANYTHING but shrewd OR mature. He is very child-like, and if he keeps on "picking away" with his fat little mouth, he's going to regret it. I don't know what Putri....Putin thinks he won, but all he's doing is trying to drive a wedge between the South and the US by his sudden willingness to "talk." He has not agreed to anything, and probably won't.

SECOND LARGEST RELIGION: By 2040, Muslims are expected to become the second largest religion in the US. That's certainly possible, in a country ruled by ideas completely contrary to theirs, since they're the only religion who want KILL you if you don't at least ACT like you're joining. It's easy to "convert" and "go through the motions" to stay alive, and I'd bet that accounts for a lot of their growth in the US. Nobody with any intelligence in America wants them, but some are just too afraid to oppose them. It's easy to grow when yhou offer to KILL those who don't convert.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Liberals everywhere are telling Trump he should "tone it down." They'd love that, if he did it. They hate it because his rhetoric is so very EFFECTIVE. They want him to STOP being so effective.... So Hillary, Huma, and Podesta were all hacked, and gave up the goods--and it's Trump who is being investigated.... Many Muslims are insensitive fools. Especially the ones who think of female Muslim breast cancer survivors as "half women." They're not even supposed to THINK about women's breasts, so how can they figure that? Are Muslim testicular cancer survivors thought of as "half men?" Doubtful. They have a big double standard where men are king....

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