Monday, January 8, 2018

Peloso Proves Her Stupidity

Again. She just can't contain herself in her stupidity. She recently Tweeted that she's furious because Trump had the temerity to allow Americans to keep more of what they EARN! She actually meant that to be seen by the public! She says that's "theft of government resources!" She actually thinks everything we EARN belongs to the government, and to let us keep more of it is a CRIME! This ignorant broad needs to be sent back to her million dollar wine business so she can no longer mess with human beings in her ignorance.

SHOULD CHANGE ITS NAME: The Dumocrat Party ought to change its name to the Socialist Party, because that's what they have become. Everything Dumocrats propose nowadays is a socialist program. They want the taxpayer to pay for all college tuition for everybody who wants to go to college. They want "single-payer" health "insurance" (government-paid welfare). They want to make as many things as possible free, with them running things, of course. That's the real purpose. Them running our lives, as in most socialist regimes.

CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY LAWS: Any laws; they're CRIMINALS, after all. They commit crimes much more serious than simple gun laws, so why in hell should they be concerned with breaking a piddling little anti-gun law? Anybody who denies this is INSANE. It is undeniable. But anti-gun fools deny it by their every attempt to make laws for criminals to disobey. And they do. Every time a gun is used to commit violence on a legally unarmed populace, they demand more unenforceable anti-gun laws. Meanwhile criminals, and other bad guys routinely IGNORE them, giving them a distinct advantage over law-abiding people, who DO obey laws.

GUN GRABBERS HATE ITl Accidental gun deaths are DOWN 50%! ALL violent crime is down, and has been for some time. NOT due to their useless anti-gun laws, of course, because those who wish to cause trouble IGNORE them. The lone exception is Baltimore, MD. Chicago is right up there, too. That's due to their extremely tight gun laws in both places. They DISARM law-abiding people while criminals, crazies, and Islamic terrorists still have no trouble getting their guns ILLEGALLY, since they don't obey gun laws. That's GOOD news, although you won't hear about it in the liberal "news" media. It doesn't fit their preconceived notions.

TWO YEARS' WAIT: In Riverside, California, they've come up with a unique (unique?) way to limit the number of gun owners who can carry their guns. Just make 'em wait a long time to even be CONSIDERED. The guy in this story wanted to be able to carry a gun for protection against vicious animals in the wilderness, and applied for a permit. 28 months later, he's still waiting for the county to CONSIDER his application. The anti-gun fools make it as hard as possible to be able to exercise this constitutional RIGHT. You should not be required to get a PERMIT to be able to exercise a constitutional right.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Sheila Jackson Lee is the WORST example of a black member of Congress. Every chance she gets, she talks about impeaching Trump, when there is NO reason to even think of it--unless you're a DUMOCRAT. She bad-mouths him at every opportunity. Whenever she gets a chance to "lord it over the little people," she does it, Like taking a PAID FOR first class seat away from a white woman when she flies.... Liberals everywhere are saying they are going to "take back the Congress" in the next election. But the figures don't support that notion, and they're going to be very disappointed after 2018, as well as in 2020.... You think they're hateful now, wait until then....

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