Monday, January 1, 2018

Is Obama Incompetent?

It really seems so, considering all the things he did to destroy this country as the leader in the world. He spent more than all former presidents, COMBINED. He purposely CRIPPLED our military by reducing its numbers unmercifully and taking away the money it needed to keep its weapons and other equipment in condition to use. The stories of airplanes unable to fly for lack of parts are rife, and the same is true in all other areas of equipment. Trucks and "big guns" sitting idle for lack of parts to use in repairing them, and nobody to drive them in any event. He made a disastrous "deal" with Iran, and gave them PALLETS of cash to use to support Islamic terrorists in their war against us. But I don't think he did any of that in incompetence. I think he did it on purpose to "bring us down and impose his socialist ideas on us.

ONE THIRD IN CHICAGO: The United States has seen a 9% INCREASE in homicides (by all methods) last year, and fully ONE-THIRD of those came from certain neighborhoods in Chicago, in spite of some of the tightest "gun laws" in the nation (Wall St. Journal). Chicago and Baltimore (another city with tight gun laws) have both seen a RISE in homicides while all other cities have seen a REDUCTION in homicides. Which pretty much tells us their tight gun laws don't work. If people of average intelligence can see that, why can't the liberals in charge in those cities?

WHY DON'T THEY GIVE UP? Bob Mueller has been searching for something, ANYTHING he can use against President Trump for now more than a YEAR. And he has found NOTHING. Could it be that there is nothing TO find? He has managed to find a couple of "process crimes" against low-level former Trump people, but that's all. Most of those "crimes" could be a result of a faulty memory, but he CALLED it a "crime" in desperation to find ANYTHING actionable. He should probably "wrap it up" and ADMIT there is nothing to find, but that would END the scam the Dumocrats are running, hoping to reverse the election.

PUSHING FOR POPULAR VOTE: Dumocrats are working hard to get the government to go to a popular vote to elect presidents. They know that will give their candidates an unfair advantage over the rest of the country, since more liberals live in the more populated coastal states like New York. The electoral College was established specifically to stop that advantage, and should not be changed, for any reason. In any case, to change it would require a constitutional change, and they'll never get the 2/3 majority required for that.

MUELLER TRUMP HATERS: Just about every day, one more Trump hater is found on Bob Mueller's staff. That's not a surprise, since he is known to have hired about FIFTEEN such people to work on his staff. A staff given one job: get Trump. They've been trying for more than a year now, and have found NOTHING they could use to hurt Trump, which is also no surprise. They've now gone far afield from their original job to find evidence of Trump's "Russian connection." Mueller, and his entire staff are Trump haters, out to GET Trump. I sincerely hope they aren't willing to LIE to get him. I'm sure some of them are, even if Mueller might not be.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: The UN voted to condemn Trump's decision to recognize Israel's capital, Jerusalem and move our embassy there, and our ambassador said, "So what?" They think they have a say in the matter, but they don't.... Gabby Giffords is "furious" about Trump's pro-gun court appointments Poor baby! Does this mean she'll lose even more often? Good on him!.... Salvation Army worker beaten for saying, "Merry Christmas to a man. I'd have beaten that thug who did it into a mud puddle if I had been there and saw it.... It's a Christmas miracle! EPA workers leaving in droves! Don't let the door hit ya in the butt on the way out, folks.... 

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