Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Biased Government Actions

When the federal government went after a rancher (Cliven Bundy and his two sons), they did not give their attorney exculpatory evidence until (they hoped) was too late to help. They even KILLED one of the demonstrators in the process. The prosecutor responsible was demoted. That's all. He should have not only been FIRED, he should have been prosecuted, ending up in prison, himself, at the very leasr, disbarred. Now the DEFENSE attorney is facing disbarment. They're still trying, even after having lost.

CAN'T HOLD ARPAIO DOWN: America's "toughest sheriff," Joe Arpaio, who was ousted as sheriff after five terms by the $millions George Soros "invested" in his opposition (and the specious charges for which he was "convicted" by one man, a judge), is now running for the senate, and he'll probably win. After his railroading, President Trump quickly pardoned him, scotching the Soros effort to put him down. He won't be sheriff any more, but as a senator, he will wield even more power, much to Soros' chagrin.

IMAGINE HIS SURPRISE: Cenek Stybl went out one night with his girlfriend and got very drunk, He woke up the next morning with a transgender bedfellow and freaked, thinking he had had sex with him/her. Then his girlfriend showed up and told him she had "pranked" him good. Let that be a lesson to ya, Cenek; be careful how drunk you get. You might wake up with a warthog. I'm not a "teetotaler" by any means. I don't drink, not because I have anything against it, but just because I could never see any real reason to do it. But drinking too much can get you in a lot of trouble, as this story shows graphically.

LIBERAL LOON MARRIES MUSLIM: She's one of those brainless liberal loons, and a feminist. You'd think she'd know not to go to a Muslim-run country (Turkey) with a Muslim man and marry him, thinking he respected women's rights. But she proves once again that liberalism is a mental disorder. After he beat her, raped her, and forbid her from doing what she thought was her job, and she got arrested for trying to go into a politician's speech gathering, she STILL believes her boyfriend believes in women's rights, in spite of the evidence of her eyes, black though he may have made them. Which just shows that liberals believe what they believe, true or not.

SAME OL' SAME OL': Joseph Iser wrote an article for the Las Vegas Journal he titled. "A Prescription for Reducing Gun Deaths." which contains all the same old crap the anti-gun fools always come up with, and which have never worked. "Universal Background Check on everything gun sale, which has never stopped a single gun death. Better, safer gun storage, as usual making it harder to get the guns we have into action when we're threatened by a criminal who has his gun already pointed at us. Better education about guns, which we already have from the NRA, but which anti-gun fools routinely reject. Anti-gun fools never come up with anything that works, and keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Isn't that the DEFINITION of insanity? Maybe anti-gun fools need better access to mental health facilities.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Didja ever wonder why you see so few stories of people using guns in self defense? That's because the liberal media is largely anti-gun and refuse to cover it when it happens--and it happens a lot more often than you'd think... The jellyfish has no brain but has survived for a long time. Sounds like a Dumocrat politician, to me. Add to that their anus is also their mouth, and the analogy is perfect.... It must be getting pretty bad in Iran if their citizens are "demonstrating" against the government. In Iran, that can cost you your life and/or freedom, unlike here, where it seems they "demonstrate" at the drop of a hat.... It's easy to say. The Douglas County Sheriff says, "Everybody has a gun in Colorado. Not true. I don't have a gun and have never had one in Colorado. And I'm 80 years old and what thugs consider an "easy target." My son has one, but he's a peace officer....

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