Thursday, January 11, 2018

Better Fired Than Dead

A clerk in a convenience store (conveniently not named) heard about several convenience store robberies where the clerk was shot or otherwise injured, and finally brought his gun to work. It was the right thing to do, because his store WAS the next one on the robbers' list. Two gunmen came in and pointed guns at his face, demanding money. Whereupon he drew his own gun and told them to get out. One shot him through the arm, He did not fire a shot, but they fled. All good, you say. Not to the executives of the unnamed convenience store. They fired him. His response? "I accept the risks. I understand working overnight at a gas station is dangerous, what I don't accept is a company that won't take care of those dangers for their employees and instead fires me for protecting myself.”

"DON'T MESS WITH TEXAS": That's said by a lot of people, but it was never more true when a thug came into an Amarillo, Texas pizza store and attempted to take a hostage while trying to rob the store. Whereupon the store's assistant manager shot him to death. In any other state, that assistant manager would probably be fired for bringing his own gun to work, even though the danger of an armed robber--and maybe a murder--is a distinct possibility. But maybe not in Texas, where just about everybody has a gun and knows how to use it. Texas has managed to get rid of most of their liberal judges who allow criminals and their families to sue those who hurt or kill the thug when he tries to rob folks.

KIM'S AT IT AGAIN: He's "picking at us"and threatening mass murder again. Yes, he might be able to drop ONE nuke on an American city. Even one near what can cause a major blackout in America. But right after that, he will DIE, along with millions of his innocent citizens. It is those innocent citizens who have kept us from "taking him out" already. Bt if he does something like that, this will no longer be a consideration. Taking him out will be the PRIMARY consideration. America has no reason (yet) to attack him, no matter how much this paranoid fool thinks so. It is only his paranoia that creates the tension between us.

OBAMA'S GROUNDWORK: Obama is trying to take credit for Trump's accomplishments regarding the economy by saying he "laid the groundwork" for what is happening today. He's right. "Rock bottom" is a good "groundwork." And that's the only groundwork he COULD have laid, since his every policy was aimed at DESTROYING the economy so he could blame it on capitalism, and then promote his SOCIALIST ideas more directly. Obama is a Muslim-loving, SOCIALIST, and he can deny it all he wants. The calculated EFFECT of his policies and actions tells the tale.

DREAM ON, DEMOCRATS! There's a new Rasmussen Poll out that says Oprah would beat Trump in 2020. Dumocrats love to delude themselves with things like this, The actual truth is that Oprah doesn't have a chance in hell to ever even get CLOSE to Trump's numbers. Trump has PROVEN his superiority many times. Oprah has not. I wonder if this "poll" was taken in the lobby of the Dumocrat National Committee building? That's how Dumocrats get polls to say what they want. Take them where they KNOW they will get the result they want.

ONE MAN'S OPINION: Liberals want to BAN use of the words, "Fake News." Right; that's one way to stop people from being able to criticize you. Ban the words they have to use. Well, it ain't agonna work this time .... Black Lives Matter wants us to believe racist cops "hunt" blacks to kill. That's a phony claim, while black men really DO "hunt" cops to kill.... Hillary is still begging Americans for money, even though she, herself, has ADMITTED that her political career is OVER. Meanwhile, they have previously given her many $millions that she has "tucked away" in the Clinton Foundation, which the Clintons totally control.... EVERYTHING is racist, according to Black Lives Matter, a subversive organization of blacks who favor killing cops from ambush on a lying premise that cops "hunt" blacks to kill, Now farmer's markets, where they sell their crops, are racist....

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