Saturday, September 6, 2014

What's With These "Apple Freaks?"

They’re lining up right now, and they don’t even know what product Apple is going to “announce.” They PAY people to “hold their place in line,” and are ready to shell our big bucks for whatever Apple will be selling. And they do it every time Apple “announces an announcement.” Do these people have jobs? And if not, where do they get the money to buy whatever Apple is “announcing?” I just don’t understand such people. What’s so special about an Apple product that warrants this kind of foolishness? I don’t know, and I probably never will.

CNN MAKES LAYOFFS: They laid off a lot of people when they discovered they had more employees than viewers. (Okay to laugh, now, at their expense) Liberal listeners to TV channels, and readers of newspapers are dwindling fast, now that there is a viable alternative in the Internet. Personally, I haven’t bought a copy of the Denver Post since the day they doubled their single-copy price the same day they cut the number of pages in half, right after destroying a better paper, the Rocky Mountain News. I haven’t wanted for news since. I get more real news than I can use, and I’m in the “news business.” And I NEVER watch the liberal news sources.

NOT BANNING GUNS: AG Holder wants to ban ALL guns except the “Smart Gun” that won’t work in the hand of someone other than its owner. A computer chip in the gun makes this possible. You know what a “computer glitch” is? What if your gun suddenly doesn’t work when a criminal with an ILLEGAL gun is threatening you? He wants to make ALL other kinds of guns illegal and thinks this will not violate the Constitution because he isn’t banning ALL guns. Wanna bet criminals will still get usable guns on the black market? They’ll still be around, you know.

NO “STAND DOWN” ORDER: Obama’s fools are still denying they ever gave a “stand-down order’ in Benghazi. They DO admit telling rescuers to “wait,” though. And if rescuers could have gone when they wanted to, they just MIGHT have gotten there in time to save some lives. It’s a matter of semantics. What’s the difference between “stand down” and “wait?” It’s what they SAY it is. These people are FOOLS, and they think we are, too!

GOVERNMENT MURDER: That’s what happened at Ruby Ridge AND Waco, Texas. In Waco, Clinton’s thugs murdered almost 100 people, including 14 CHILDREN and Janet Reno “took full responsibility” for it. What happened to her? NOTHING. At Ruby Ridge, government thugs MURDERED a mother who was holding her baby in her arms at the time. The shooter later got a medal for it, and Randy became a millionaire after suing the government. That mother, his son, and a US Marshal are still dead. So are those at Waco. Money doesn’t help when the GOVERNMENT murders you. An “investigation” into Ruby Ridge and Waco was conducted, and NOBODY was punished. Now they’re “investigating” it again. Expected results? Nothing. Randy Weaver’s daughter has “forgiven” those who murdered her mother, but there should NEVER be “forgiveness” for wanton murder, even at the behest of the president.

OBAMA TO DELAY ACTION: On what? “Immigration reform.” How long? Until after the election, surprise, surprise! Then, of course, he will give every illegal immigrant here a “pass,” in spite of the wishes of a majority of Americans. He doesn’t care what we think, AFTER the election, when he hopes to keep enough Democrats in office to maintain his control. Dream on, Obama! After that election, you will be truly a ”lame duck,” so you’d better do as much damage as you can in the meantime.

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