Friday, September 19, 2014

Feds Clear Christie

The federal investigation into the closing of an important bridge in New Jersey that caused WEEKS of news coverage, cleared Gov Christie of any culpability in the “scandal” that was all the making of the media. And how much time has the media devoted to the clearing? About five minutes. They had him “tarred and feathered” in the liberal media without any kind of proof of wrongdoing, and were hopeful of destroying any chance of his running for president. I don’t think much of him as president, either, but their actions went WAY overboard in their efforts to destroy his chances. And when he was cleared, it didn’t make much of a piffle in the liberal media, predictably.

DEM TRAITORS BLOCK BILL: I say “traitors” because to oppose this bill, which was designed to keep American ISIS supporters who have gone overseas to be trained on how to best KILL non-Muslims in the United States. But the Democrats in the Senate blocked even CONSIDERATION of this bill, introduced by Ted Cruz. Either that, or they have a “knee-jerk reaction” to block ANY bill introduced by Cruz. In any case, their action in blocking this bill is TREASON and will lead to the deaths of many Americans in the future as these traitorous Americans come back and set up their “cells,” from whish to murder people.

SCOTS REJECT SEPARATION: In a national referendum, the Scots have rejected the idea of separating from Great Britain, and the head of the organization that forced the vote has resigned. I can’t talk about the rightness or wrongness of their decision in today’s world, but they lost their best chance of independence by this vote. I wonder how it would have turned out of WE had rejected separation from England? The world would be a lot different.

MISPLACED PRIORITIES: In DC, they’re more concerned about football player who slugged his girlfriend (who married him a few days later, so she didn’t think it was such a bad thing), and about another football player who whipped his kid with a switch than they are about ISIS fools BEHEADING journalists or about Americans who go overseas to train as terrorists, and return home to kill people. They spend more time breathlessly awaiting yet another “royal birth” while Islamic terrorists are beheading little girls. What’s WRONG with these people?

“WHENEVER WE CAN”: “We follow the law,” says the IRS commissioner. Conversely, when they CAN’T, they VIOLATE it. I’ve never heard a high-ranking administration official ADMIT to breaking the law before. It might have happened, but I didn’t hear it. That shows just how cocky this commissioner IS. If anybody needs to lose his job, it is this jerk. Just between you, and me, and the fencepost, he should be arrested and imprisoned for just admitting to breaking the law. There is NO REASON why this agency should be allowed to break the law. If I did it, I would be whisked off to jail so quick, I wouldn’t know how I got there.

JOE DID IT AGAIN: Even the liberal media says, “Joe is prone to an ‘occasional’ gaffe.” But from what I’ve seen he makes gaffes every time he makes a speech. If Obama was smart, he would never send Joe out to make a speech. One of his most famous gaffes is his advice to women to “shoot a shotgun in the air as a ‘warning shot’ to deter attackers,” which has resulted in several people being jailed for doing that very thing. Now he’s praising Sen. Bob Packwood (D-OR), who had to resign in disgrace amid sexual misconduct charges. He also said Republicans want to limit voter participation in elections, which is one of his “pipe dreams.”

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