Saturday, September 13, 2014

"We'll Drown You In Blood"

That’s what Islamic terrorists say, and they’ll try. But one thing they forget: that works both ways. It will be THEIR blood.  Their blood spills just as easily as ours, and we are just as capable of killing them as they are of us; better. They may be vicious, but we can become more vicious when we are threatened. Just ask Hitler or Tojo. I say to them, “bring it on!” We’ll be very happy to send you ALL to paradise as fast as you raise your ugly heads in this country. They think by such blather they can frighten Americans the same way they have frightened timid people used to being oppressed in other countries. But they’ll learn, the hard way.

“WE’RE NOT AT WAR WITH ISIS”: That’s what John Kerry says. News flash for John Kerry: we may not be “at war” with ISIS, but THEY are at war with US! These are people who take young girls and rape them while murdering the older women in their families; these are barbarians who don’t deserve to occupy ANY space on this Earth, except maybe UNDER it. We may not be “at war” with them, but we ARE determined to lay waste to them in any way we can. They have no respect for human life, and we should have no regard for THEIR lives. We should kill them as soon as we find them. No trials, no imprisonment. Shoot them on sight as quick as we find them. Somewhere it takes a long, and painful time to die.

OBAMA UNDERESTIMATES ISIS: John Kerry says we’re not at war with ISIS, and he’s wrong. But his boss is just as wrong, and never fear Kerry will “buck” the boss while he’s working for him. Only after he quits or gets fired and goes somewhere else will he say what he REALLY thinks. Like being in Vietnam and then accusing the military of being “baby killers.” But I think Obama has CONTINUALLY underestimated, not only ISIS, but the entire Islamic terrorist bunch. He puts them down as “the junior Varsity” while they grow, and grow, and kill, and kill. I think it’s all part of his plan, to PRETEND to be fighting them while secretly sitting on the sidelines cheering.

“NOT A TERROR ATTACK!”: The Treasury Department will not certify the Boston bombing as a “terror attack.” After 9/11, Congress created the ”Terrorism Risk Insurance Act,” (TRIA) to compensate people injured or killed or with property damage due to terrorist attacks. Now they’re refusing to “pay up” for people with damage from the Boston bombing, saying “it’s NOT a terrorist attack.” Like calling the Ft. Hood shootings “workplace violence,” they’re refusing to pay millions of dollars’ with of damages. I guess it’s all in how you DEFINE it. Obama doesn’t CALL it terrorism so he can say there has “never been a terrorist attack in the U. S. on my watch.”

SPEAKING OF “BABY KILLERS”: Americans used to call Vietnam vets “baby killers” after they came home, which was a LIE because American soldiers killed no babies. It was the Vietnamese who did it. But now we ARE “baby killers.” Every abortion performed MURDERS a baby. Abortion is INFANTICIDE, no matter how much the practitioners deny it. It KILLS a living being that never even GETS a chance at life. Yes, women need to have a “choice.” But not between using a rubber or MURDER.

HOUSE (OBAMA’S BRANCH) TO VOTE ON ARMING ISIS: They’re actually (according to Obama’s accomplices) going to vote on arming the Syrian rebels to help FIGHT ISIS. But what Obama won’t admit is that the Syrian rebels ARE ISIS, and he wants to give them money to help them take over yet another country while denying he’s doing so. Boy, what a PHONY president we have! I’ll be glad when (if) we get a REAL president. We sure don't have one now.

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