Thursday, February 7, 2013

Obama Still Blaming Bush

He talks about “inheriting” one of the biggest recessions since the eighties. Which is a LIE. When Bush left office we were still in the middle of one of the longest and robust booms ever, caused by Reagan lowering the tax base rate, before his accomplices could destroy it. They've been working on destroying it since 1977 when they passed that law forcing lenders to loan monety to deadbeats.

OBAMA LYING AGAIN: He says all the time that his health care swindle law will cause the cost of health care insurance to GO DOWN. But his own IRS figures show that under his law, the cost will GO UP by $20,000 per family, per year! He doesn’t dispute that, he just ignores it and continues to lie.

ALGORE LIES AGAIN: He says Fox News and “Talk Radio Propaganda” has created a “hostile environment” for Progressives. Forget the fact that “Progressives” is just another name for COMMUNISTS and he has done a LOT to hurt people with what he does to make his millions. What they say is NOT “propaganda.” It’s TRUTH. What HE says is “propaganda.” We need to remember that. Remember, he promoted “global warming,” one of the biggest, and most successful swindles EVER (outside of Obama’s health care swindle), and it made him BILLIONS.

OBAMA PRAISES HILLARY: He didn’t like her during the 2008 election because she was “the opposition,” regardless of the fact that she is a liberal just as he is. Now, after four years of working for him and promoting his lies with her own, he says, “She will go down in history as one of our best secretaries of state.” Well, that might be true among liberals, but their standards are not too high and their wishes are different..

BIDEN AGREES: “Gun laws don’t work, but we’ve got to do SOMETHING.” Something, I guess, even if we KNOW it won’t work, and it WILL violate our constitutional rights (Just to make people believe they're DOING something). This is the kind of politician we have running this country now. One who ADMITS the laws he makes will do nothing, but makes them anyway, because “We have to do SOMETHING,” And they have the power to do so, constitutional or not.

THE “BLACK BOX”: The Obama administration is pushing a regulation (not a law) that would put a “black box” in every car, much like the one already in every airplane. This way, the feds could, with a few keystrokes, find out where your car IS, at any time, as well as trace its movements for as far back as they wish. This is to be MANDATORY, which means it’ll be there whether or not you want it (Personally, I'll do what I have to to DISABLE it, as I will with the built-in GPS antenna). Do you still think Obama isn’t setting things up for himself to be a dictator? Where, in the Constitution, does it say the feds have the power to do this? DOT “promises” they will not “abuse” this information. But we all know that's a LIE. Evidence proves that if they HAVE the power, they WILL abuse it.

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