Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mexico Wants Our Gun Registry Info

They demanded it of the state Department. They want us to send them the names and addresses of every (legal) gun owner in this country, along with information on what guns they own, and how many. Where in HELL do they get the idea that they are ENTITLED to such information, even if we had it to send them? Other governments have a funny idea of what this government can—or WILL do. Even if we had that information, we wouldn't send it to them.

WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON? That’s a question asked of Barack Obama by a survivor of the Columbine massacre as he took Obama to task for his “anti-gun laws. ”All the laws Obama has supported make it harder for Americans to defend ourselves against unlawfully-armed criminals. All they do is give criminals an unending stream of unarmed victims but he seems to be too stupid to realize that. Or if not, he’s too EVIL to admit it. I know which side he’s on; the criminal’s side!

INSULTING OUR INTELLIGENCE: Rush Limbaugh says he’s “ashamed of our country for the first time” after listening to Obama’s phony litany of what cutting a TINY AMOUNT of money from the government’s ability to spend our money will mean to us. Rush says cutting $85 billion from this government’s budget is like taking a QUARTER away from someone making $200,000.00 a year! But Obama wants us to think it is a MASSIVE CUT when all it is, is a smaller INCREASE than originally planned. Obama is playing us for FOOLS. Even after that reduction on spending, he'll still spend $15 BILLION more next year  than he did this year.

HIGHER MINIMUM WAGES HELP NOBODY: Business is NOT there to pay workers way too much for unskilled work, which is the kind of work usually covered by forcing them to pay more for workers who are NOT worth that much. Forcing them to pay higher rates for workers who just aren’t worth that much causes the jobs those workers could do to disappear. This is not “meanness” on the part of the employers; it is fiscal reality. Common sense, in other words. Something ignorant politicians don’t know about and don’t understand.

I LOVE IT! This was posted on Facebook by Sunny Lohman. “Liberal tips for rape victims: ‘pee on yourself to gross out the rapist and maybe he won’t rape you.’ Conservative tips: ‘pull out your Glock and make the rapist pee on himself.’ ” Which is good advice. But it requires that your local (or national) politicos ALLOW you to have a Glock. I sure wish we had some intelligent politicos making our laws. But we don’t, and won’t as long as we (not me) keep electing liberals.

POLITICIANS WILL NEVER FIND A REAL SOLUTION TO OUR GUN PROBLEMS: Mostly because they don’t want to. They simply want to disarm the honest people so they won’t shoot the “government agents” who come to take what’s theirs. Making laws against owning guns to “solve the gun violence problem” is a “smokescreen” to hide their real purpose to disarm us and keep us unable to stop THEIR advances.

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