Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Delusional Newspeople

They THINK "The world has solved the gun problem. But it hasn’t. England imposed an almost complete gun ban. Even COPS could not carry guns and were thus themselves in FEAR of illegally armed criminals. Now the criminals have the upper hand. Consequently murders went up by 89%. While gun violence went DOWN in states where “carry permits” were easy to obtain. Yet many liberals IGNORE the evidence and continue to DISARM Americans and make them defenseless.

ABOUT BUSH SPENDING: It amazes me when so-called “liberals” tell me all about “Bush’s spending.” Actually it wasn’t Bush doing the spending. It was Democrats who conned him into going along with THEIR spending. Further, the Bush administration only spent about a trillion dollars in EIGHT YEARS. Obama spent FIVE TIMES AS MUCH IN ONLY FOUR YEARS. And most of it he originated.  So what the hell are they lying about?

ANOTHER SLANDER ON SENIORS: Today another story about a senior who mistook the gas for the brake and almost killed himself. Why is it always SENIORS who make this mistake? Maybe somebody wants it to become expected of seniors. I’m 73 and haven’t had a chargeable accident in 30 years. Many younger people make the same mistake but they don't make as big a thing of it.

OBAMA IS DELUSIONAL: He says, “We don’t have a spending problem” when it’s obvious to ANY intelligent person, we DO. He has PERSONALLY spent more than there IS, and it gaily going about creating more and more “funny money” to spend, putting us deeper and deeper in debt. He actually wants Americans to believe there is no “spending problem” when he has worked HARD to create one himself so he can CLAIM (falsely) that the free market doesn’t work, and we need collectivism (socialism).

HYPOCRISY PERSONIFIED: Obama refuses to ADMIT we are at war with Islamic terrorists. Then he starts KILLING terrorists (those HE SAYS are terrorists, even if they are American citizens) with his drones, overseas. When questioned, he says (through his press flack) “When a man makes war on us, we have the right to kill him any way we can” (paraphrased). If we are NOT “at war with Islamic terrorists (he won’t even let his people SAY “Islamic terrorist”) how can he support that statement?

MORE HYPOCRISY: That silly photo of Obama SUPPOSEDLY skeet shooting, along with a statement that he does it all the time is unnecessary and stupid. Who cares if he goes skeet shooting or not? I certainly don’t. It is of supreme UNIMPORTANCE to me—and I’d bet to most Americans. I don’t know if that picture was “Photoshopped” or not. I don’t care. Frankly, I don’t believe a single word that comes out of his mouth or the mouths of his accomplices.

$1 MILLION REWARD: For the capture and conviction of ex-cop Christopher Dorner. Why? Because he is threatening the COPS. There has never been a reward like this for another criminal, which I think means the L. A. cops value their own more than anybody else. He may even have a good “cause.” But after murdering three innocent people, his “cause” can no longer be considered. He is a murderer, and WILL be brought to justice as such.

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