Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"If Congress Won't Act, I Will"

That’s “Obama-Speak” for if the Congress decides not to support my decision (which it has the right to do) I’ll violate the Constitution and do it anyway. Like Red Skelton’s “Mean Wittle Kid,” “If I dood it, I get a whippin.’ I dood it anyway!” When he talks about Congress “not doing its job,” he means they aren’t agreeing with HIM. Being an EQUAL branch of government, they are ENTITLED to “not act” on his “orders.”

“IT’S DIVISIVE”: Elite liberals (who are running this country) call ANYTHING they don’t like, “divisive” Of course, almost EVERYTHING they say is “divisive,” but they’ll never admit it. They want the country to believe the only “divisive people” out there are Republicans. Not so. The MOST divisive people are elite liberals (Democrats). They work HARD to divide us into small groups that are easier to beat while (they hope) we’re fighting each other.

WAR AGAINST GUNS: Except, of course, in the hands of “government agents” from local cops on up to presidential protection details. This government is so AFRAID of guns in the hands of the “common people” they want to take them all away. They SAY they don’t, but that’s the end result of ALL their “anti-gun laws.” They keep IGNORING us when we call it to their attention that NO LAW will EVER “keep guns out of the hands of criminals (especially those wearing badges), they IGNORE us and go right on passing their useless laws that allow them to take guns away from HONEST people who DO obey laws.

MUSLIM TERRORISTS ARE FOOLS: A Muslim “clergyman” says “Sharia Law will rule the world.” Not if I have anything to do with it. “Prominent Muslim Cleric” in Great Britain says Working Muslims should collect government benefits (welfare) as a “jihad seeker’s allowance.” Which means he wants US to finance the “takeover” by Muslims of the world. For that reason alone I’d advise welfare officials to refuse to allow ANY Muslim to get on the welfare rolls.

SOMEBODY GOT SHOT! QUICK! DISARM MORE PEOPLE! That seems to be what politicians (mostly liberals, but even some conservatives) say whenever people get shot by a crazy who has either a legally-obtained, or ILLEGALLY -obtained gun. Never mind current laws did NOTHING to stop him from getting a gun, they want to make sure responsible people are DEFENSELESS.

OBAMA EXAGGERATES EVERYTHING: He exaggerates everything, starting with what’s going to happen if those “automatic cuts” go into effect. It’s like if you made $200,000.00 a year and you lost a QUARTER. One example: he says thousands of teachers will lose their jobs. Tell me—which teachers are being paid by the federal government? He calls ANY reduction in the rate of growth (such as a 7% increase instead of a 10% planned increase) “drastic cuts.” He’s the worst criminal I’ve ever known to hold that office, and he’s bent on conning us out of as many dollars as possible.

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