Saturday, March 17, 2012

He Has No Rights

A Montana prison inmate is suing over their “English only” policy for letter-writing. It’s a phony suit. It is his responsibility to learn, and USE the language of the country in which he lives. It’s NOT our responsibility to have translators on staff to read his scribblings. This person is in PRISON, having committed a crime. He is not in a position to make demands. He claims it violates his First amendment Rights. It does NOT. He can say whatever he wants, any time he wants. He must just do it in English when he writes letters. If he doesn’t speak it, it is his responsibility to LEARN it. Not ours to accommodate him.

OBAMA IS THE RACIST: He calls everybody who disagrees with him in any way a racist. But at the same time, he makes policies giving black people (sorry PC police, I don’t do “political correctness”) benefits he’s not willing to give white people. He said his election would “end racism forever.” It didn’t. He, himself has made it worse.

THE ASIAN “PROBLEM”: Did you know that many colleges require Asians to score 140 points on the SATs than whites, 270 higher than Hispanics, and 450 points higher than blacks? (Sorry, PC Police. I choose my own words, thank you.) Apparently, Dr. King’s “color blind” society is getting farther and farther away all the time. (Thanks to Mallard Fillmore)

WE’RE RIGHT, YOU’RE WRONG! SHUT UP! That’s the general opinion on the left. Which is why I’m not a bit surprised to hear that “Hanoi Jane) Fonda wants Rush taken OFF the air by the FCC. No trial or conviction for anything. He’s guilty of “offending” Jane. That’s enough for her.

SHOVE IT, MR. PRINCIPAL: In Massachusetts, a school humiliated a 12-year-old girl and DEMANDED the password to her Facebook account. Her parents are now suing that school, and they are going to win. Some employers are likewise demanding passwords from their employees and others are going to court to force revelation. If a judge told me I had to give up my password, my reply would be simple: “With all due respect, your honor, shove it! And you know where.”

“INNOCENT LIFE?” Obama says the “civilians” killed in that supposed “unwarranted shooting” by one soldier in Afghanistan were “innocent.” But he doesn’t know they were. Even CHILDREN and women are combatants in this no-war war. You can’t tell the difference between “civilians” and combatants when the combatants wear no uniforms and look just LIKE “civilians,” In this case, if this is ever properly investigated without bias, I think it will be found that this soldier was defending himself against a Taliban attack.

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