Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blame It On the Tea Parties

That’s what I predicted the liberals would try, and Bill Maher has already tried it. They’re SO predictable. They’re not even any FUN any more. I know what they’re going to do and say, even before THEY know it. He was discussing the New York car bomb attempt and “disgruntled idiots” who don’t like the health care swindle (my words) were among his guesses.

OBAMA PROMISED CHANGE: And he has delivered. Unfortunately, we (not me) didn’t ask what KIND of change we were going to get. We should have asked. We’ve gotten “change,” okay. Just not the kind of “change” we want.

NAMED AFTER KENNEDY: The offshore wind farm just off Teddy Kennedy’s home should be named after him. The upper part, anyway. The underwater part ought to be named after Mary Jo Kopechne. (Stolen from the Florida Cracker on Twitter).

EVERYTHING FREE: Written on a sign carried by an obvious illegal immigrant at a demonstration in support of breaking the law, was “We want FREE health care, jobs, and NO taxes.” In other words, everything for nothing. The sign also said, “You OWE us, America!” How the hell do they figure that? It went on to say “We’ll kill more cops until we’re FREE.” How stupid ARE they? They kill any more cops, THEY will be killed.

RIGHT IN HIS FACE: Joe Klein got in Glenn Beck’s face (as best he could from his position as close to the floor as his face is) and gave him hell for “questioning Obama’s policies.” I guess that’s how Joe defines sedition, which is what he earlier accused Glenn, AND Sarah Palin of. What a whack job!

PRINTING MONEY: When individuals print and distribute “funny money” it’s illegal and the government puts them in jail for it. Then they do it themselves and it’s legal. Meanwhile, printing money either way steals from everybody who has existing money. This is something BASIC that most people don’t understand, or if they do, are mentally disconnected from its effect.

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