Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not A Peep

Teacher’s union members threatened the New Jersey governor with death for something he signed into law, and not a peep about it in the liberal media.

NOT A PEEP AGAIN: John Goodman, of the National Center fort Policy Analysis (NCPA) has come out with a paper showing that “Obamacare” would cost America $300 billion dollars; just the opposite of the bull Obama is forcefeeding us. NCPA is a GOVERNMENT organization Obama can't subvert. It’s not a “right-wing” outfit. Its figures can be depended upon. This ought to be all over the news. But it isn’t. The only place I saw any reference to it is on Fox News and on the Mike Gallagher show, which quoted the NCPA. I’ll be interested to see how Obama “spins” this—if he ever mentions it, at all.

“CHILLING EFFECT”: If you want to “put a chilling effect” on efforts to capture terrorists who have wantonly murdered American citizens for no other reason than they’re Americans, just believe the lies those terrorists tell about “being beaten up” by their captors, as they are taught to do in their terrorist training. Actually putting their captors on trial for the abuse they claim will cause a “chilling effect” on such captures. This is what we’ve caused by electing that fool we now have in the White House. Personally, if I had captured this man, I’d have beat him to death.

REPORTING IS COMICAL: The double standard shown by the reporting about two different demonstrations is actually comical. ABC reported a “Tea Party” meeting that was COMPLETELY peaceful as being “ugly” while a rally against the new Arizona law demanding cops actually ENFORCE the law that is obviously out of control as being “mostly peaceful” Strange: nobody can produce pictures proving their contentions in this day of cell phone cameras all over the place.

DOUBLE STANDARD: The double standard in liberal media has become so obvious even the most dense people can’t miss it unless they’re trying very hard, as newsman Mark Levine obviously is. Mike Gallagher showed both sides on Fox and proved him a liar.

PROFILING IS A USEFUL TOOL: If you, as a cop, stop a car and the driver doesn’t understand a word you say, he has fifteen people in the car who have NO identification, don’t you think he has a reasonable expectation that they are illegal aliens? If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck waddles like a duck, it MAY be a duck.

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