Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tea Party People Are Clean

After a liberal demonstration, whether or not it is violent, all kinds of litter is left and must be cleaned up at the expense of the taxpayers. But when the Tea Partiers have an event, they clean up their own litter as they leave.

DESTROYING THE AMERICAN DREAM: That’s what Obama is doing with his every move. Taxes are going up, we’re losing freedoms every day, costs are going up, inflation is threatening, your money will soon be worth a LOT less than it is today while you’re paying more for everything you buy, and more taxes, too.

A “RELIGION OF PEACE”: Muslims, who practice “a religion of peace,” are threatening the creators of “South Park” with death if they so much as mention the name of Mohammed. And their syndicator “wimped out” and bleeped out certain words. This is what we have come to under that fool, Obama. I don't like Islam because of their treatment of their women, but that's not important.

SILENCING THE MAJORITY: That’s Obama’s aim. What he can’t understand is that he can’t control what the media tells his “subjects” any more. We now have the ability to go AROUND his media with the truth on the Internet. Which is why he wants to control the Internet, now. If he succeeds, forget about freedom.

THE LIBERAL “GATE-KEEPERS”: Liberals scream about “freedom of speech,” yet they want to “shut up” those who bring the truth to America if it disagrees with the lies they’re telling.

WHY NOT SOROS? Obama seems to be going after the “big money” people, but one “big money” person has, so far, escaped attention. George Soros made $2.8 BILLION “shorting” the market (betting against it). He “profits amidst decline.” Why doesn’t Obama go after him like he did Goldman-Sachs? Because he’s “in their camp” and finances most of their schemes.

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