Tuesday, May 4, 2010


What we have in Washington now is a bunch of thugs running our government. Obama is a Chicago thug and is used to thuggish ways to handle opposition. So that’s how he handles it in Washington. He’s “thin-skinned,” and just can’t take criticism. So he just demonizes them the same way he does when he wants to victimize a certain group so he can take them over. That’s what he’s doing to the “Tea Parties.” Sending his union thugs out to create violence, then blaming it on them.

WATCHING PORN ON OUR NICKLE: Seems like some federal regulators spend most of their work time (on our nickel) watching and downloading porn. I think that’s great. Every hour they spend watching porn is one hour less they can spend figuring out new and better ways to interfere with us and take more of our money and our rights.

FEDS IRRESPONSIBLE: The feds are so irresponsible on illegal immigration they’ve forced Arizona to do something about it. And when they do, silly little Obama calls them “irresponsible.” Obama should recognize irresponsible. He’s about as irresponsible as they come. And stupid, too.

BIDEN STILL LYING: He never learns. They said last year that if they DIDN’T pass their spending bill we’d have 8% or more unemployment, So they passed it, and we have 10% or even MORE unemployment. Now he says he and Obama will create ½ million new jobs a MONTH this next year. Sometimes I wonder who is the stupidest; Biden or Obama.

ARIZONA “IRRESPONSIBLE”: For making their cops OBEY the law. It’s a tragic thing they have to pass a LAW to force cops to ENFORCE the law, but since the feds won’t do it, they must. Then Obama calls them “irresponsible.” The only one irresponsible here is Obama.

REDUCING TAXES: Obama speaks often about the “tax reductions” he has “given” us. But he has not. What he CALLS “tax reductions” are simply “tax incentives” meant to give him more control over what we do. If you do what he tells you to do, he’ll give you a tax credit. And gullible Americans, who “pay no attention to politics,” believe him.

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