Saturday, May 22, 2010

"I'm Offended"

I’m offended by people who think they can remove any vestige of religion from Americas because it “offends” them. Like the bunch that sued to remove a cross that was a war memorial from the DESERT. And another bunch that went in and destroyed it. This kind of behavior offends ME!

REPUBLICANS WERE RIGHT: Nancy Peelosi said “we have to pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it.” What STUPIDITY on the part of a woman who is SUPPOSED to be intelligent. So they passed it and we are now finding out what’s in it.It looks like the Republicans were right, all along, This is NOT a law we want. It will run us further into debt. It is NOT “revenue neutral,” as Obama lyingly says it is. They buried many things within it that they could not get passed otherwise. Now they’re law. We’re “finding out what’s in it,” all right.

ANOTHER RINO BITES IT: Allen Mollohan, a Republican who voted consistently with the Democrats, loses in the primary. If this doesn’t tell you what’s going to happen in November, nothing will. Many Democrats have already announced they’re retiring, so there will be no lost election on their record to reduce their earning power in the private sector.

PREDICTABLE STUPIDITY: Liberals WANT to stop as much oil drilling within the United States as they can and they will use the big oil spill as an excuse to bring back a complete BAN on all oil drilling ANYWHERE the United States runs things. That’s a BIG MISTAKE, because we need EVERY drop of oil we can get, oil spills notwithstanding. Call me stupid if you want, but that’s true.

DYING NOT TO KILL CIVILIANS: Americans are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan because they “hesitate” in battle situations because of today’s emphasis on NOT accidentally killing civilians while the terrorists PURPOSELY put innocent civilians in “the line of fire” so they can “make hay” about their deaths.

MEDAL FOR HESITATION: Soon, American soldiers will be awarded a medal for “courageous restraint” and holding their fire in a battle situation to keep from killing civilians. I guess dying in the attempt makes you even more qualified to receive this medal. This medal shows this government’s complete IGNORANCE of the way the world works, with terrorists putting civilians IN FRONT of themselves in a battle.

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