Sunday, May 23, 2010

Terrorists Laughing Their Butts Off

When they find out about our new “courageous restraint” medal to be awarded to soldiers who HESITATE to shoot in battle (which will usually be awarded posthumously) for fear of killing a civilian, while the terrorists PURPOSELY put civilians in the line of fire and are instructed to claim abuse when captured.

AFRAID OF MEXICANS: School “authorities” in Ohio do things that are stupid (like sending kids home for wearing t-shirts with American flags on them) because “they’re AFRAID” of the “backlash” from their Mexican population. They’re AFRAID of the Mexicans? How bigoted THAT is! Talk about “bending over and grabbing their ankles! Aren’t they “afraid” of their AMERICAN population?

EUROPEAN SOCIALISM HEADING HERE: European socialism has failed. Greece is a good example of it. So is Soviet Russia. But Obama wants it for us. Is he really that STUPID? Or is it just part of the scam to take, and keep power over us all so he can further plunder us.?

RUSH TO GOLF WITH OBAMA? Somebody asked Rush Limbaugh if he would play golf with Obama, and he said he would, although it’s never going to happen. So they asked Obama and he predictably said no. and made a nasty reference about Limbaugh "playing with himself" (Not very "presidential"). This is the guy who said he’d talk to ANYBODY to try and attain agreement. Apparently that didn’t include Rush. I wouldn’t play golf with Rush (or Obama) either. But then, I wouldn’t play golf with ANYBODY, since I don't play golf.

RESTRICTING FREE SPEECH: Obama’s latest liberal Supreme Court nominee (Elena Kagan) thinks the government ought to be able to restrict what people can say (regardless of the First Amendment) if what they say is “dangerous.” Dangerous to whom? And who decides? Obama and his accomplices, of course.

IS ELENA GAY? The Wall Street Journal published a picture of Elena Kagan playing softball. A picture provided by Kathy Rena, a well-known gay activist. People are assuming this means Kagan is gay. The White House denies it. But who cares? It’s not our business if she likes girls. Janet Reno liked girls. Herbert Hoover wished he WAS a girl and he liked boys. So what? One of our top members of Congress (Barney Frank) is an ADMITTED gay whose boyfriend was once caught running a gay whorehouse out of his apartment. Who cares? Gawd, the things they think are important!

MAKING OUR OWN DECISIONS: That’s what the battle is all about. Obama wants the power to make all our decisions FOR us. He wants us to have to go to one of his “hand-picked bureaucrats,” hat in hand, to ask PERMISSION to do things we should have the right to do WITHOUT asking permission from someone who should have NO power over our lives. That’s basically ALL we want.

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