Monday, May 18, 2009

They Caused It, They Can'r Fix It

“B. O.” (Barack Obama) is pushing HARD for universal health care” because "prices are too high." But that’s only true because of government meddling in the health care business. The same is true in all other areas Obama wants to “take over,” including the auto business, banking, and lending. Do they really think we can’t SEE this?

DID BUSH “TORTURE” TERRORISTS? Who the hell cares? I certainly don’t! Considering what the terrorists do to the people THEY capture, they don’t DESERVE any consideration from us. They should be shot on sight if they’re caught in the act of killing innocent people or putting other innocent people in danger to support their lies that “America kills innocents.”

TOLERANCE? NOT THEM! At Eastern Michigan University, Julia Ward was kicked out because of her religion after she refused to go to a “remedial program” designed to show “the error of her ways” when she refused to “counsel” a troubled gay student. Who gets to decide if “her ways” are in error? Did she get the thousands of dollars she paid for her education back? They don’t say, but I doubt it.

NOBODY’S STOPPING THEM: Obama’s government, and those that came before it, are doing, and have done, many things that are not constitutional. How do they get away with it? Nobody’s STOPPING them. We need to start STOPPING them.

THE TENTH AMENDMENT: This government has been violating our Constitution since before the ink even dried on it. The Tenth Amendment says, “Those powers not delegated to the government by this Constitution are DENIED it.” That’s simple. But it is IGNORED every day by the congress AND the Executive, while the judiciary support them.

STUPID STRATEGIES: Telling Your CUSTOMERS (and that’s what their dealers are) to “go to hell” is not the best strategy for failing automakers to use. Some of those thousands of dealers to whom they’re “saying goodbye” are multi-generational success stories that will now start selling foreign nameplate cars to Americans. I don’t know; did Obama get campaign donations from foreign automakers?

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