Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why Ford Is NOT Failing

They’re making more cars people WANT, rather than cars the GOVERNMENT thinks they want. Why is this so mystifying to so many? The formula is the simplest thing going. Make something people DON’T want and you’ll go broke, as are Chrysler and GM.

“RETURNING MONEY TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNERS?” That’s what Obama promises to do. But he doesn’t define “the rightful owners” the same way we do. We define it as “the people who EARNED it.” I’m not sure how HE defines it, but I think it’s “the people who DIDN’T earn it, but who are “:needy.” That makes “the needy” have a claim on the earnings of others. That’s SOCIALISM, any way you define it.

IS THIS IN THE CONSTITUTION? “According to documents obtained by Judicial Watch, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson gave the chief executives of the country’s nine largest banks no choice but to accept TARP bailout funds.” How does he think he can accomplish this? Does he think he is a dictator? Nobody who9 has not accepted TARP money has ever signed an agreement to this effect, and without such an agreement, he cannot enforce it. Nor can he FORCE private companies to ACCEPT the TARP money.

“SAVING” THE AUTO INDUSTRY? What a LOAD! Everything Obama is forcing on GM and Chrysler GUARANTEES failure. They TRIED to make cars the government wanted them to make while nobody wanted them and now they’re going broke. Now Obama wants them to “keep it up.”

CLINTONS ARE LIKE ROACHES: Even a nuclear war won’t get rid of them. And I can’t think of anything else legal, either. The only thing that bothers them is “the light of day” on their lies. Like Obama, they would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better. When you shine the light of truth on their lies, like all Democrats, they “go bananas” and scream to high heavens.

PELOSI SHOULD GET HER STORIES STRAIGHT: In her attempts to avoid responsibility for her approval of the “harsh questioning techniques” liberals call “torture,” but which, so far, are not, she has told so many different stories that nobody knows which lie to believe; not even her friends. Now she's trying to "change the subject," by saying she will "answer no further questions on the subject," as all liars try to do when questioned. It's a good way to stifle those who are demanding she PROVE her lie.

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