Friday, May 15, 2009

"Flying Pig Flu"

“Millions will die!” That’s the mantra of “big pharma” as they go about getting the government to make getting a flu shot MANDATORY with just a FEW deaths and a few verified “reports” of “swine flu.” One military doctor, refused to be vaccinated during the first “swine flu epidemic” in 1976 and almost got court-martialed. The final result was NOT a “big epidemic (in fact, only in the imagination of politicians). IT was the deaths of 25 people who DID get vaccinated from Gillian-Barre Syndrome, which were directly related to the vaccinations.

SPECTER’S PATTERN: When Senator Arlen Specter thinks he’s going to lose as a Republican, he becomes a Democrat. Just as he did years ago when he was in danger of losing as a Democrat so he became a Republican (in name only) without changing one iota of his liberal bent. This, of course, has “driven the Republicans crazy” as he voted for Democrat measure after Democrat measure. I think it’s “good riddance” to the Republican Party. He was only a “stone around their necks” as long as he was a member.

IT PUTS THEM “ON THE RIGHT”: CNN says she (Ayn Rand, author of ““Atlas Shrugged”) has “earned many followers, mostly on the right.” In reality, to “follow her philosophy” PUTS one “on the right (whatever THAT means) because they could NEVER be “on the left; the stupid side.

KEYNES WAS AN IDIOT: John Maynard Keynes is the DUMBEST economist in the history of the world. He’s the guy who says you can “spend your way out of a recession or depression.” His theories have been discredited for many years, but our government is still using them. Our whole “stimulus” system is based on the idea that you can spend your way out of a recession, even though you can’t. Other economists say Keynes should have been “hanged in the public square.” What Obama has done, and what Bush did before him in giving money to failures and punishing success has not, and WILL not work.

RAISING TAXES REDUCES REVENUE: This is a truth that liberals will nbot even entertain, although one of the LESSONS that taught it to us was done BY a liberal: John Kennedy. When he lowered the tax rate, he increased the “tax take.” When Ronald Reagan did it, he almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” When George Bush did it, he brought us out of the “economic downturn” created by the 9/11 attack. Now Obama wants to RAISE taxes “on the rich,” the very people whose investments CREATE the new wealth Obama NEEDS so he can loot it.

Obama had a press conference and the most “hard-hitting question” asked was when a reporter for the New York Times asked him what “enchanted him the most” in his first 100 days. Even Obama had to laugh.

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